October 6, 2010

Lauri does white right !!

Lauri Evans of 2 Chippys does white to perfection ... this gal has it down pat ... take a look and you'll see what I mean ...

All photos are from Lauri's booth at Marburger farm's Antique show ... her style blew me away, along with her fun personality and infectious laughter ... and this girl can certainly tell a story or two to boot!Layer upon layer of many shades of white ... French inspired graphics abound.

How does she make her whites so fresh, modern and not the same 'ol same 'ol?
I believe it's her natural design talent ... she's choosing to combine her whites with deep rich browns ... lustrous golds ... warm greys ... a bit of deep green ... and just the slightest hint of black. This is what makes her whites stand out and her displays over-the-top GORGEOUS!

Did I say GORGEOUS? ... here is the most gorgeous 'item' in the booth {and she is an 'item'} ... dressed in what else? ... WHITE of course ... mixed with grey and black. Does she have this down to a science or what?!
I'm linking up to White Wednesday today over at Kathleen's {Faded Charm} ... hope to see you there.


  1. When you talk about my sweet Georgia Honey Baked it's like music to my ears. Love her and her style. Now if I could just keep her from trying to steal my man!

  2. i really like those pillows......and pretty much everything!!

    Polly told me how cool you are - and what a great time she had with you!! hope to meet you someday

    anne marie

  3. Love Laurie's style, the accents of black and brown, especially this time of year, really bring it all together. Love seeing all the photos!

  4. Truly beautiful booth! She certainly does have a flair for display...thanks for sharing it all with us...great photos Jill!

  5. I think she rocks the white vintage thing!

  6. Oh Jill...thanks for sharing...her booth is fabulous!!!

  7. Some GORGEOUS stuff!! I want that outfit! How cute are those "bloomers'?

  8. ...lovin` that burlap natural look!!
    ~ and those ruffle linen pants!
    Thank you for the tour :)
    xo, Rosemary

  9. Oh what a great booth, thanks for sharing her talents with us! Theresa xoxo

  10. Awwwwww, Jill you are so sweet. It was so great to meet you and have dinner. And thank you for all the sweet kind words. you guys were a blast and I too hope we can do it over and over again. I am truly honored to be your white wednesday post and thank you. Lauri@chippys

  11. What a fabulous booth! Lauri is so talented with her vignettes. I agree with you about the white against deep browns, grays, and black. Sooooo very pretty! Happy WW to you!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Love her inspiration.
    yes I too love the Black, browns and grays, I pretty much follow this style. The deep soft tones just anchor the whites :)
    Photos to love!


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