October 8, 2010

Magnolia Pearl ... Marburger 2010

Can you imagine a better place other than Magnolia Pearl to play dress-ups with your girlfriends? ... and have Robin Brown play along with you? Me either ... come on, you can play too!

Could you not just dive into this pile of Magnolia madness? Swimming thru a sea of bloomers ... oh lord, my love for bloomers ...
The most creative displays litter the entire tent ... mannequins come alive formed from various pieces of rusty wire, metal and scrap ... dripping with the signature antique lace ... amazing!

And our playmates today? The Gypsy Princess, Cori {Beth's daughter} and all of the Magnolia girls themselves ... check out Cori's smile ... it did not leave her face the entire time, I believe she actually said her face hurt from smiling so much that day. What a great ache to have ...

The dress was a stunner .... created from many different pieces of colored crochet ... a real stand-out amongst all the muted neutral tones ... the pretty redhead is Polly from The French Cupboard {more about her later}
This is my favorite photo of Cori and Robin ... although I would like to see them holding hands and strolling thru a field of wildflowers ... perfect magazine shoot?

One other thing Robin dishes out besides wonderful clothing ... wonderful hugs!! ... this gal will wrap you up in her warm affection...And her husband, John, is always around to lend a helping hand ...

Even Cori's Mom couldn't resist getting in on the action ... it is contagious!! Very nice Beth!I did manage to try on one thing .. a scrumptious silk jacket in the prettiest shade of greyish blue ... getting one of those Magnolia squeezes ... wanna know what's running thru my mind? ... "God, please, please let a smidgen of this woman's talent rub off on me ... I promise to be really, really good" ... seriously, see how hard I'm pressing my cheek to hers trying to absorb some of her magic?!

For more behind the scenes and workings of Magnolia Pearl, take a look at Robin's blog, here.
Hope you had fun hanging out and playing dress-ups ... speaking of dress-ups, next post I'll have prom pictures from The Junk Gypsies infamous party!!

Happy Friday girls!


  1. Wow! what a fabulous post!
    I have to say you are beautiful and you look gorgeous in that jacket with your scarf,going to scroll back up now and have another peek at your pics,thanks for posting us girls in the UK never get to see this without girls like you!
    Love Kristina XxX

  2. Hello Jill... what a fabulous post! I want one of everything, please! You get to go to the most wonderful places... we don't have many things like that here in Utah (boo hoo)... would love to own a pair of bloomers... and you look just adorable! Don't sell yourself short, you have an abundance of beauty, talent and creativity! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. wish I looked as cute in frills and frocks as all of you ...

  4. Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!
    I can only imagine how magical it must be in person! Love that jacket on you.
    xx, shell

  5. Oh Jill,
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for taking me along in spirit! I have only spoken to Robin & John on the phone and they're both so down to Earth friendly and just plain kind that it just makes me think how lucky and blessed we're all here together on this Earth. Your photos are darling and you're a talented woman in your own right, don't forget it ;)

  6. you girls were the cutest and best dressed at any show in Texas! I am still mad at myself for missing out on dinner with you all...


  7. I'm a long-time MP Gal... have a collection of the Bags and Bloomers... I'd wear nothing else if I could replace my entire wardrobe with Robin's delightfully comfortable and beautiful creations! She is an inspiration and a dear Soul isn't she. Love, love, love that dress your Gal is wearing... did she get it?

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Her creations are incredible! Love your photo and the beautiful blue top you are wearing.


  9. Her clothes are just sooooo unique and awesome!!! And I LOVE to play "dress up"!!! Looks like a fun time was had by all.....thanks for sharing! Cathy aka GGJ

  10. Lucky, lucky you! One of everything please....

  11. Beautiful post, beautiful clothes, beautiful girls! So glad you had fun! Did you get that lovely gray jacket? It looks perfect on you!

  12. Wow! It all looks so beautiful!

  13. Robin, Magnolia Pearl & her amazing booth of fairys...was one of my highlights of goin to Round Top!!! I'm a bit spoiled now...all i want to wear ever again is Magnolia Pearl & because my budget just sucks, it's going to be difficult, but that is my goal!!!! lol How gorgeous would i always look & everything goes to gether so beautifully...I'd never have to think about getting dressed again! ;) Heaven...

  14. Oh my word, Jill! HEAVEN! What great fun this would be! I would be afraid of ruining something by drooling on it all! I absolutely LOVE Magnolia Pearl clothing! How exciting for you!



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