December 3, 2010

VBF ... Christmas and the little lady of the house

 Hello everyone and happy VBF! Have you begun your holiday shopping? Has anyone asked you what you may want for a present? Are you tired of all the advertisements yet? In light of the shopping season that is well upon us I thought this month would be perfect to share some vintage black and white Christmas ads .... ones especially geared towards her, or the 'little lady of the house' ....
Ironing is NOT one of my favorite things to do ... but I'm going to start ironing the bedsheets if it will whittle my waist to look like hers!
I know it's the thought that counts .... but would you seriously be laying on the floor stroking your new vacuum?
How many women do you think got a bed cover for Christmas? 
Probably came with a new washing machine and ironing board.

I wonder who the gun company was targeting this ad for .... do you really think it was for men or another shot at the little ladies?
I also wonder how many women took them up on the offer and bought themselves a little present?
 You know what they say about paybacks ....
Me? ... I would take the more subtle approach ... check out this page from the Frederick's of Hollywood Holiday catalog. I would just blow myself up to a nice DD size and poke his eyes out 
{by mistake of course!}
And check out the prices of the bras compared to the guns .... $5.99 vs $84.00 .... such a bargain!

Happy Vintage Black Friday little ladies ... what's on your wish list?
Head on over to French Cupboard for VBF!


ps. in all fairness .. I am totally enchanted with Kelly Rippa and Electrolux and wouldn't get too upset if I found the newest washer and dryer waiting for me Christmas morning.

December 1, 2010

An inspired White Wednesday ....

I have buckets full of hundreds of white antique German doll heads patiently waiting and waiting .... waiting for what? Waiting for me to create something with them. Although I have been enjoying their simple beauty sitting in abundance in their galvanized buckets ... I have been itching to do something with these beauties.
Then I read this post here.

 Which led me to this blog here. And WOW talk about being inspired both creatively and spiritually ... Rebecca has sent me over the top ... and to the moon !!

I gathered my Christmas topiaries from the attic that were covered with colorful vintage balls {sorry no before pics, I was in way too much of a hurry to get started} stripped the trees .... wrapped them in burlap, cheese cloth, lace scraps, and a bit of wire for garland plus some seam binding ties. Keeping my colors neutral ...

I wrapped the base in a tattered linen and secured with muslin .... then a layer of moss for just a hint of greenery.
The final touch and crowning glory? A porcelain doll head of course!
 I love how they have turned out and I have two awfully creative bloggers to thank for their inspiration ...
Thank you TOT and Rebecca !! 
... Do you have any suggestions for the the other hundreds of dolly heads? I'm all ears .....
 Here's how my doll/tree/topiaries look paired on the fireplace mantel in the living room ... pretty sparse don't ya think? The Gypsy Prince keeps asking me, "when are we going to get ready for Christmas?" ... I think today will be a good day to start.

A blank canvas ... I'm inspired and ready to tackle it .... I'll let you know what I come up with.
In the meantime checkout
 Kathleen's Faded Charm for a bucket load of white inspiration.