December 3, 2010

VBF ... Christmas and the little lady of the house

 Hello everyone and happy VBF! Have you begun your holiday shopping? Has anyone asked you what you may want for a present? Are you tired of all the advertisements yet? In light of the shopping season that is well upon us I thought this month would be perfect to share some vintage black and white Christmas ads .... ones especially geared towards her, or the 'little lady of the house' ....
Ironing is NOT one of my favorite things to do ... but I'm going to start ironing the bedsheets if it will whittle my waist to look like hers!
I know it's the thought that counts .... but would you seriously be laying on the floor stroking your new vacuum?
How many women do you think got a bed cover for Christmas? 
Probably came with a new washing machine and ironing board.

I wonder who the gun company was targeting this ad for .... do you really think it was for men or another shot at the little ladies?
I also wonder how many women took them up on the offer and bought themselves a little present?
 You know what they say about paybacks ....
Me? ... I would take the more subtle approach ... check out this page from the Frederick's of Hollywood Holiday catalog. I would just blow myself up to a nice DD size and poke his eyes out 
{by mistake of course!}
And check out the prices of the bras compared to the guns .... $5.99 vs $84.00 .... such a bargain!

Happy Vintage Black Friday little ladies ... what's on your wish list?
Head on over to French Cupboard for VBF!


ps. in all fairness .. I am totally enchanted with Kelly Rippa and Electrolux and wouldn't get too upset if I found the newest washer and dryer waiting for me Christmas morning.


  1. Too cute Jill!... I would pick a Colt .45 over the DD bra anyday!... although I don't shoot anything, especially an animal! Times have changed so... but you know, I do miss those good old days, when a lady loved her vacuum!... simpler, gentler times... I am one of those ladies who actually likes doing housework... calms me down... I know, you are thinking I am nuts... Jack got me my own toolbox one year and I loved it! (maybe because all the tools were pink!)... cute post!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. love these old ads...oh yeah..i want an ironing board and new vacumn for Christmas....(insert sarcasm here) great post !

  3. Jill...this cracks me up. I could comment on every ad over and over! Great choices...although the last two are both concealed weapons...I'd go for the Christ Colt and her 45's action figure! Have I ever told you C.D. bought me a butt from Frederciks one Christmas?
    P.S. If you ever find me on the floor caressing my vacuum...just shoot me with the $84 special...'kay?

  4. HAH ... I would be buying the gun to shoot the man who gave me a vacuum, ironing board or whatever for Christmas ... :))

  5. Too funny Jill!
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  6. haha, absolutely hilarious post....

  7. love these old ads!!!
    i'm thinking the gun ad is more geared towards to the woman who's husband bought her a vacuum for Christmas after seeing those top ads....
    i know i would definitely need that gun if i found any of those presents under my tree!!! haha!!

    and i think i might have to get me one of those blow up bras. it could replace wearing a life jacket here in the summer since i do live by the coast! haha!

  8. He better not dare give me a vacuum cleaner...A beautiful new washer and dryer. I too would not pout over that prospect.. Come on by and enter my GIVEAWAY..I KNOW just what you want, more jewelry, but maybe you might
    get a kick out of someones other stuff. Cynthia

  9. Hi Jill ~ This gave me quite the chuckle at work today. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. What the Hell were they thinking - where's the ad for the Carton of Virginia Slims?

  10. I love the old ads! I've got to find something black and white so I can link up!!!

  11. Too funny - I'll take the blow up bra, I could use it.

  12. Wow, what a long way we've come! But you gotta love the illustration style! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Hahaha!! These are just hilarious. Yea a vacuum cleaner is just what I want for Christmas!!! Wouldn't mind blowing myself up


  14. I love these adds. There is something warm about them. But, times have changed thank goodness. I can't say I have ever asked for or expected to get cleaning utensils for Christmas.BTW, I love those trees you made in the prior post. You have a beautiful blog. Happy Holidays,

  15. LOL...toooo funny!!! I love the gun & the blow up bra, I swear I'm going to find one & wear to Round Top...only the coolest junky girls have one!! LOL ;)

  16. One year I did get a vacuum for Christmas. I did not lay on the floor and pet it. But recently we had to get a new washing machine and splurged on the new energy savers. I did sit on the floor and watch it through an entire cycle. At the end it played a little tune--I guess that was to make doing laundry more enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing the great ads. I'm so glad I don't have the desire to blow up my bra. With my luck one side would deflate during some important function with a million people attending, and the camera would suddenly show me up on a big screen. I guess that gun would come in handy then.

  17. Oh my gosh these are hilarious!! I especially love the gun one or maybe the woman adoring the vacuum on the floor..

  18. Those black and white ads are a hoot!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend! Hope you have a Happy New Year!



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