January 30, 2011

Porch Club Monday .... BEWARE this NOT pretty

WELCOME and a WARNING ... what you are about to see is not pretty, if you are looking for pretty please STOP here! ... Like I said it's my goal to keep this new group, Porch Club, real and casual ... no pressures. So, what did I do to myself when I started to think about my first post? Put the pressure on of course! ... I thought I needed to clean my porch, get it picture perfect, remove the cobwebs, toys, dust, set the table, plump the cushions, vacuum, etc... {small voice of reason} Whoe Nellie!! get a hold of yourself ... this was not your intention. Yeah, but that's always the direction I revert to. Not this time, I put the breaks on and took pictures of my sun porch "AS-IS" ... completely untouched ... this is as real as it gets girls ...
Here is one of the two doors that lead to the sun porch off my living room, there is one on either side of the fireplace ... the sun porch is not heated or air conditioned ... right now it is a frigid 15 degrees out there ...
 Immediately upon entering you are greeted with this mess ... if you prefer, please feel free to use the tube to crawl in ...

 I gave you fair warning, no? ... since we are not using this room at the moment it has become a "catch all" for everything that needs to disappear quickly ... I am also half way thru a little face lift. I got the walls painted and the ceiling primed ... and that's it.
 So, here's my plan ... since we need to seal this room off for the rest of the winter {the cold air is seeping into the living room} and I will no longer have access to it until Spring .... I've picked three projects to pull out and move to the basement, then I can work on them over the winter and come Spring at least I'll have something accomplished!
 Project 1.) Paint this chest of drawers {anxious to do this!}
 Project 2.) Paint ceiling fan? ... just blades or whole thing? ... looks like a black hole right now. {NOT looking forward to this project}
Project 3.) Replace worn out fabric on chairs 

...and that's my porch, in it's current state of being.

 Okay well, since my to-do list is lengthy ... I'll keep the appetizer portion short and sweet. I've tried bunches of cocktail wienies and this easy, easy recipe always comes away as the winner.

Spicy Sweet and Sour Cocktail Franks:
2 packages (8oz each) cocktail franks
1/2 cup chili sauce
1/2 cup apricot preserves
1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
additional hot pepper sauce {optional}

Combine all ingredients in slow cooker; mix well. Cover; cook on low 2-3 hours. Serve warm or room temperature with additional hot sauce if desired.
I like to slice a baguette down to serve along side  .... this way you get a little bit of 'bun' with your wiener.

Can't wait to see what recipes you all share ... I hope to try one or two to serve while we watch the BIG GAME on Sunday ... it's big to us, we're STEELERS fans!

There ya go that's it. I've done my best to keep it real {my porch} and casual {my recipe} ... sorry if I've disappointed anyone, but just think how awesome the 'after' picks will be! ... and if you do need a bit of pretty you can always check out this past post, when my sun porch doubled as my studio.

Check back tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1st, for the FIRST 'Porch of the Month' reveal .... now this one is pretty!!

Next week's Porch Club topic of the morning:
"Romancing the Porch"

 What is it about the porch that says romance to you?
Is it an intimate corner for a private conversation?
An old fashioned swing?
A kiss goodnight on the doorstep?

What is the most romantic vision of a porch you can dream up?
A wrap-around deep in the sultry South?
A broken down fixer upper waiting for your hands?
A craftsman bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean?

See you next week back on the porch! ... until then, make sure you take a minute to visit your participating neighbors all linked up below.

Inspired by a fairy ...

A Graphics Fairy ... I'm sure 99% of you know who I'm referring to,
Karen from *The Graphics Fairy*
 My red pear before help from a fairy ... and ...
 my red pear after ... help from a fairy
 I used this graphic to create a simple place card for my red and white Valentine setting
Karen adds new graphics everyday of the week .... they are all amazing! Thank you for doing what you do, Karen ... and keep the inspiration coming!!

Ps. I already have the first Porch Club post ready to go ... it will be up later this evening. Everyone is invited to join in ... you do NOT have to have your own porch to participate, bring a recipe and come sit on ours ; )

Linking up to a few new parties {new to me!} ... These parties are LOADED with creative projects ... check them out!

January 26, 2011

Another snow day ...

 Playing in the snow today making snowmen and snow angels 
make that ... Snow Queens ....

 Happy White Wednesday to you .... and if you have snow I hope you are playing, too!

January 24, 2011

Welcome to my porch ... and Porch Club

What's this all about? Okay I'll spill ... The Porch Club is an idea that's been rolling around in my head for a long time ... I was never quite sure just what to do with it ... until now.

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and come join me on my porch I want to share with you what I've come up with ...

Like a lot of you I love porches. I adore all styles ... simple,traditional,grand,wrap-a-round ... the list goes on and on ... whether the porch is attached to a beach cottage bungalow, a massive gingerbread Victorian, a rustic time-worn farmhouse, or a log cabin deep in the woods. The porch is the first "hello and welcome" the house greets me with and draws me further in.

I often feel the front porch is like an open window to view what the inside of the home may be ... it's the 'first impression' the owner has put out for everyone to see ... when I see an amazing porch my mind can only imagine what the interior of the home is like!

My love for porches certainly doesn't stop at the front porch ... there's the back porch,the side porch, the sun porch, and the sleeping porch.

Okay ... I'm sure you get by now how I feel about the actual porch itself  {I could go on, but there will be plenty of time for that!} 
However, there's the other part of the porch ....

What the porch represents.
A place to gather. A place to share. A place to relax.
I miss the carefree days of an intimate gathering on the porch with friends to exchange little snippets of life.  Share a decorating project or a recipe or two ... what happened over the weekend, or what's coming up ... family and vacations ... spouses and in-laws {hmmm, maybe}

Still with me?
I want the Porch Club to be a Monday morning place to bring this all together. A regular time to share with each other our love for porches and ... a bit of time to chat and get to know one another.

My goal is to keep it real and casual ... as it should be! It's also my goal to keep some of my Monday mornings available to be on-line and chat "live" thru the comment section ... for an an hour or so.

What do you need to do to be a member? It's easy. Show up and share!
Yup that's it.
Participate as you like ... no pressure here.
Oh! ... and you do NOT have to have a porch of your own to join us ... you are always welcomed to come sit on one of ours!

And that's not all ... Each month there will be a "Porch of the Month" featured. I am especially looking forward to this part ... If you would like to have your porch considered for a feature, please send photos and a brief description to:
 I will keep a section open for permanent links to the featured porches. Get out your cameras and your photos in.

Are you getting excited yet? I hope I am not alone!!

The first official gathering of the Porch Club will be next Monday, January 31st ... For the first get-to-together let's have some in-general porch talk about what else? .. PORCHES!... what's your favorite? Have you decorated your porch? ... or any special memories, stories, or photos you have to share.
in addition ...
 this will also kick off the first week in February ... a month of romance and football. Before we tackle romance I need some help in the football entertaining field ... a call out for party recipes!! 
If you have one, please bring  your favorite party appetizer {or beverage} to share next week.

Okay ... now I'm super excited to see you next Monday morning, here, at the Porch Club! 
Invite your friends, meeting new people will be half the fun ; )
 {p.s. I will have the link up Sunday night for those of us not available Monday am}

Questions? Drop me a note:

January 21, 2011

You're Invited ....

I hope you'll accept my invitation to meet me on my porch this Monday the 24th ... where I'll be releasing all the details of the new porch club!

Until then ... wishing you a warm and relaxing weekend!

January 19, 2011

Hidden Mickey and White Wednesday ....

Happy White Wednesday! .... here's a shot I took at 
Disney's Animal Kingdom last month ...
Can you spy the hidden Mickey?
Pretty clever, huh?
{this guy does have 4 legs ... you just can't see them in the photo}

 Stop by Faded Charm for some more white fun!

January 17, 2011

Porch Club ... coming soon ....

Looking for something new this year?
Details very soon ....

January 14, 2011

Wanna see my "New Girls" ? .... it's a coming out party at the brocante

My last post was about playing with a pile of lace on my dining room table .... today I want to share with you what I have been creating with all that lace ... let me introduce you to my new girls ...

I'm calling this line
~ Faded Prairie Couture ~

Each piece has been inspired by a certain pioneering prairie gal.

Meet Evangeline
Evangeline headed west in a dirty dusty covered wagon ... escaping a past that was best left behind ... however her fun filled spirit still shines thru...

Meet Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose was one sassy gal that would sass any cowboy out on the Dakota prairie ... she had what they called "spunk" ...
Meet Emma Jean
Emma Jean a little rough around the edges and preferred the company of an outlaw ... she moved across many prairies of our land .. never seeming to settle down
Meet Katharine
Katharine had a bit of a high brow and didn't look forward to the journey in a wagon across Nebraska land ... but soon fell in love with the new homestead her fiance had built for her, complete with a working well .... a prairie girl at heart after all.

I have been downright obsessed with these girls ... my travels this past year have inspired me to pick up needle,thread, and glorious bits of the past .... creating one of a kind pieces with a sense of history. I hope you like them as much as I do !!

 Today I'm linkin' on up to six {yup 6!} 8 big parties for the prairie girls "coming out party" ... I hope you'll join me over at these fun blogs to see what everyone else is up to in blogland:

TONS more of inspired projects to be found here!
Overflowing with romance!

OOh-La-La ... amazing French style!

{link available soon}

Fabulous finds and revamps!

A little bit of EVERYTHING!

Have a wonderful weekend ... I hope it's an inspired and creative one for you!

New links today, January 20th:

* The Shabby Chic Cottage *

January 5, 2011

Surfacing ... for a moment to say "Hello"

I'm surfacing from beneath this pile of dreamy lace for a moment to say "hello" and to wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of new years!

This is my idea of playing in the snow ... layers upon layers of crinkled lace, each one as different as a snowflake ... snowball lace fight anyone? ... lace angels?

 The entire length of my dining room table is covered today with every shade and shape of vintage and antique lace.  The new year is full of inspiration and anticipation ....
I'll soon be sharing with you my lace creations ... until then I'll be checking out all the other wonderful winter whites at Faded Charm ... see you there.