January 30, 2011

Porch Club Monday .... BEWARE this NOT pretty

WELCOME and a WARNING ... what you are about to see is not pretty, if you are looking for pretty please STOP here! ... Like I said it's my goal to keep this new group, Porch Club, real and casual ... no pressures. So, what did I do to myself when I started to think about my first post? Put the pressure on of course! ... I thought I needed to clean my porch, get it picture perfect, remove the cobwebs, toys, dust, set the table, plump the cushions, vacuum, etc... {small voice of reason} Whoe Nellie!! get a hold of yourself ... this was not your intention. Yeah, but that's always the direction I revert to. Not this time, I put the breaks on and took pictures of my sun porch "AS-IS" ... completely untouched ... this is as real as it gets girls ...
Here is one of the two doors that lead to the sun porch off my living room, there is one on either side of the fireplace ... the sun porch is not heated or air conditioned ... right now it is a frigid 15 degrees out there ...
 Immediately upon entering you are greeted with this mess ... if you prefer, please feel free to use the tube to crawl in ...

 I gave you fair warning, no? ... since we are not using this room at the moment it has become a "catch all" for everything that needs to disappear quickly ... I am also half way thru a little face lift. I got the walls painted and the ceiling primed ... and that's it.
 So, here's my plan ... since we need to seal this room off for the rest of the winter {the cold air is seeping into the living room} and I will no longer have access to it until Spring .... I've picked three projects to pull out and move to the basement, then I can work on them over the winter and come Spring at least I'll have something accomplished!
 Project 1.) Paint this chest of drawers {anxious to do this!}
 Project 2.) Paint ceiling fan? ... just blades or whole thing? ... looks like a black hole right now. {NOT looking forward to this project}
Project 3.) Replace worn out fabric on chairs 

...and that's my porch, in it's current state of being.

 Okay well, since my to-do list is lengthy ... I'll keep the appetizer portion short and sweet. I've tried bunches of cocktail wienies and this easy, easy recipe always comes away as the winner.

Spicy Sweet and Sour Cocktail Franks:
2 packages (8oz each) cocktail franks
1/2 cup chili sauce
1/2 cup apricot preserves
1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
additional hot pepper sauce {optional}

Combine all ingredients in slow cooker; mix well. Cover; cook on low 2-3 hours. Serve warm or room temperature with additional hot sauce if desired.
I like to slice a baguette down to serve along side  .... this way you get a little bit of 'bun' with your wiener.

Can't wait to see what recipes you all share ... I hope to try one or two to serve while we watch the BIG GAME on Sunday ... it's big to us, we're STEELERS fans!

There ya go that's it. I've done my best to keep it real {my porch} and casual {my recipe} ... sorry if I've disappointed anyone, but just think how awesome the 'after' picks will be! ... and if you do need a bit of pretty you can always check out this past post, when my sun porch doubled as my studio.

Check back tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1st, for the FIRST 'Porch of the Month' reveal .... now this one is pretty!!

Next week's Porch Club topic of the morning:
"Romancing the Porch"

 What is it about the porch that says romance to you?
Is it an intimate corner for a private conversation?
An old fashioned swing?
A kiss goodnight on the doorstep?

What is the most romantic vision of a porch you can dream up?
A wrap-around deep in the sultry South?
A broken down fixer upper waiting for your hands?
A craftsman bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean?

See you next week back on the porch! ... until then, make sure you take a minute to visit your participating neighbors all linked up below.


  1. You know, no its not pretty right now, but it has amazing bones, and the pieces you have with the plans you have for them, will turn it into a beautiful room your entire family can enjoy. Can't wait to see the after pictures.

    Linen + Verbena

  2. What a wonderful and light-filled space you have! I'd be ITCHING to get that room air-conditioned and heated for sure. It's just gorgeous, whatever you do with it. It has GREAT bones.

  3. Hi Jill, loved seeing your porch just the way it is!... I crawled in through the tube, tee hee hee!... it was fun!... I am happy your Porch meetings are about REAL and CASUAL... that's what I think of when I think of sitting out on the porch... your recipe sounds yummy!... my post is up, sorry I didn't post a recipe! I have lots of simple old~fashioned yummy ones, I will post one next week for sure!...Love your topic for next week too... now, how do I get back out of this darn tube???... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I am pretty much loving seeing
    more and more pictures of the
    "real"thing ~ I think it really
    is a good thing to show that
    our homes are actually not
    always picture perfect but
    lived in ~


  5. what a great space! we have a porch too but only screened so there is snow in it right now :)
    love your projects! can't wait to see them!! thanks for the visit! susan

  6. Thanks for keeping it real. I'm afraid I pulled something out of my archives in order to join your porch club this week. Hope that's okay! Please come visit sometime.

  7. I just want to say good luck with your planned projects (they never seem to get done around here)
    and...This is NOT a mess, trust me.


  8. Love hanging on that porch no matter what the temp., Spring, Summer Winter or Fall!

  9. What a great space! I was at someone's home this weekend, that had a screened porch added to their home with access from the master bedroom. She is in the process of collecting furniture for it and it is a wonderful space. Not going to happen where I am. :(
    Love those cocktail franks.
    Have a great week.

  10. Your porch is so fabulous, what's a few toys and to-do projects? I think I might get stuck in your hamster tube...then you'd have to pull me out feet first! Loved your post on the Snow Queen, just beautiful!
    love ya bunches!

  11. I so love that you posted this! This is real life for me too! xoox

  12. Jill, you are not only a girl after my own heart, but you have a great space there! Wish I had known about this a few weeks ago because I did a post that showed our porches up and down in their Christmas dress. But I am going to have to join you at some point. This looks like fun. Found the link at Brenda's.


    Sheila :-)


    Sheila :-)

  13. Thanks for hosting the Porch Club Jill, that is a great idea, I hope you can stop by for a visit and have a cup of coffee, better bring that umbrella though as it is raining on my porch, Hugs and Blessings and you have a wonderful porch area. Marilou

  14. Even in a mess as you call it, your porch is amazing. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Hi Jill,

    Oh, how I can relate to your sun porch situation..the stuff has to go somewhere, doesn't it!? :0) I always view my rooms that look like this as a new opportunity for transformation. I can't wait to see your furniture painted..and I think you'll have to paint the WHOLE ceiling fan....so sorry! LOL They are a pain and a half to paint.

    Thanks so much for beginning Porch Club. I do believe I will really enjoy this.

    I'd love to have you drop by my porch for a visit. ♥

    Stephanie ♥

  16. Well, you have a fantastic porch! I can see it potential. Yes, paint that piece of furniture and paint the fan and cover the chairs and it will be even better when the weather warms. This is a great group to have. I guess I'll link up an old post of mine of my deck as everything is cold and dead here at the moment.

  17. What a great idea Jill!
    I am loving your front porch! You have so many wonderful features!
    I will be back with a link-up I hope.
    I am from Wisconsin though, and were Packer fans of course!

  18. Hey Jill, I'm so excited to be joining you for your new post. I did a post on my other blog, but didn't include a recipe. Hope you have a great week, Theresa (Garden Antqs Vintage & Discarded Forlorn blogs)

  19. Jill, looks pretty dang good to me!!! I wish I had a porch to join in, I just wish even a back porch! I shall take delight in enjoying everyone else's though!!!
    Margaret B

  20. I am so sorry I am just finding this fun party. Well, I will try my best to post for next time.
    Your porch is beautiful..even messed up.

  21. What a wonderful porch you have! I am in love with the ceiling! Can't wait to see it when the weather gets warmer and your projects are finished!

    My home porch (back deck) is burried under a few feet of snow and my summer porch (campground) is closed for the winter. I will be by to visit and see what you are sharing on the porch and hope to join in soon!

  22. Your porch looks like my studio! Good luck with the projects! HUGS!

  23. Your porch is going to be beautiful - it's a wonderful space! Thanks for hosting - what a great idea!

  24. wow jill, that is a fabulous space and i know it will be gorgeous once you twirl it around a bit. can't wait to see the reveal!



  25. Now you really have me hooked in with this Porch Monday Club AND you are Steelers fans. From the 'burgh here...Go Steelers!

  26. what a beautiful home and porch...wow

  27. Your porch is lovely. I'm loving this Porch idea.

  28. I know you will create something wonderful on your porch. In the meantime, have fun with your projects!


  29. Aloha,
    I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your porch is full of light and such possibilities! I can't wait to see what you do with it. TFS

  30. Hi Jill. Sorry I missed this one!! Geeshh... the whole week just got away from me so quickly. It's probably just as well because there's just ugliness on all my porches right now. I gotta work on that so I can participate Monday.

    Your sun porch is so pretty! If those are the bad "before" photos, oh my... I'm in trouble. =)

    Blessings... Polly


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