January 14, 2011

Wanna see my "New Girls" ? .... it's a coming out party at the brocante

My last post was about playing with a pile of lace on my dining room table .... today I want to share with you what I have been creating with all that lace ... let me introduce you to my new girls ...

I'm calling this line
~ Faded Prairie Couture ~

Each piece has been inspired by a certain pioneering prairie gal.

Meet Evangeline
Evangeline headed west in a dirty dusty covered wagon ... escaping a past that was best left behind ... however her fun filled spirit still shines thru...

Meet Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose was one sassy gal that would sass any cowboy out on the Dakota prairie ... she had what they called "spunk" ...
Meet Emma Jean
Emma Jean a little rough around the edges and preferred the company of an outlaw ... she moved across many prairies of our land .. never seeming to settle down
Meet Katharine
Katharine had a bit of a high brow and didn't look forward to the journey in a wagon across Nebraska land ... but soon fell in love with the new homestead her fiance had built for her, complete with a working well .... a prairie girl at heart after all.

I have been downright obsessed with these girls ... my travels this past year have inspired me to pick up needle,thread, and glorious bits of the past .... creating one of a kind pieces with a sense of history. I hope you like them as much as I do !!

 Today I'm linkin' on up to six {yup 6!} 8 big parties for the prairie girls "coming out party" ... I hope you'll join me over at these fun blogs to see what everyone else is up to in blogland:

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A little bit of EVERYTHING!

Have a wonderful weekend ... I hope it's an inspired and creative one for you!

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  1. These are all so beautiful!

  2. Ohhhh my goodness those
    are absolutely amazingly
    gorgeous !!!
    I ADORE them !


  3. Hi Jill... oooh I am in love! I hurried over to your shop to buy Sara Rose, but she is sold, rats!... I sent you an email... will wait to hear back... I love them ALLLLL! ... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Beautiful!!!!! Love your new creations, oh my goodness you are sooooo talented......dreamy and very gorgeous!!!!!
    Margaret B

  5. WOW! Yup, that's all I could come up with. Simply amazing!

  6. Jill...these are fantastic! Jenn and I are both working on tops that are like this...

    it's going to look awesome having all that lace about!

  7. ...I spied these in your new etsy shop a few weeks ago and feel in love!!

    xo, Rosemary

  8. Oh Jill,
    These girls are just so gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!!
    Congrats on your new line. I'm sure they'll be purchased right away!
    Have a great day.

  9. Oh honey those are so cute. Good for you getting the thread and needle going.


  10. Jill,
    These are ooak beauties...I am kinda a phat right now...you have officially inspired me to get back on the wagon, so I can fit into one of these magnificent creations. I hope 2011 has been good to you so far.


  11. Oh my heart is captured!

    I wanted to invite you over to Fabulous French Fridays at the Metis Linens blog as I know you too love the French lifestyle.

    Your presence would add a bit of oh la la. :)


    Au Revoir!

  12. so inspiriring. I have boxes of lace. Perhaps its time to dust off the old sewing machine.

  13. You KNOW how I love these!! And I'm so excited about seeing you again. I got your email but, as usual, I've had my head buried in work. I'll get back to you soon. For now, I'm so GLAD that we get to hang out together again! Can't wait!! Too bad Beth can't come with you. Talk later. (hugs) -Polly

  14. Jill,
    Beauty and Gypsy Romance is all around you!
    Love your soulful designs.
    You rock our GYPSY SOULS!

  15. Yhe girls are gorgeous enough to make any cowboy swoon and drop to his knees!

  16. Oh Jill...


    Ok...in my skinny girl mirror I wear one of those...a vintage pair of Levi's and a killer pair of cowboy boots!

  17. Jill, these are gorgeous!! Thanks for the sweet comments about my pillow made from hankies. I created a pattern for it - sold in our etsy shop. It's pretty simple to make. You probably wouldn't even need a pattern, judging by these creations of yours! :)

  18. Congratulations on your fabulous new designs, Jill. Each one is stunning. And what a great blog. Very inspiring. Thanks for visiting Cottage and Creek and for your nice comment. I appreciate it.
    Best to you,
    ~ Lynn

  19. Smitten!! The colors are divine!!

  20. Congratulations...beautiful! ...♥

    Welcome to Hungary.

  21. Hi Jill, your girls are just wonderful. You've really created some gorgeous pieces. Wish I had the "girly" body to show them off. Thanks so much for linking up to VIF for their debut!
    love ya, Girl,

  22. They are gorgeous! Jill, you amaze me.


  23. OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these pieces... the colors and styling of the lace is exquisite! *me swooning madly* I got my 1st custom lace top for Christmas and love it since it flatters even the BMW figure. *wink* I'm trying to teach myself how to make some out of all the vintage lace I have stashed and waiting for some creative outlet... *LOL* In the meantime I'll keep buying amazing pieces that other talented Artists like yourself are dreaming up and making a reality for us!!!
    Dawn... The Bohemian

  24. Ohhhhh don't ya just love them! We have a special friend that also designs and makes them for us....I have 3 of them and love to wear them any chance I get!
    Happy Junkin...Cathy aka GGJ

  25. Hi there~These are just darling! I love the lacey treasures you created and love that you named them! Too cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  26. What a beautiful way to play with vintage lace. I love that you added a bit of "history" with each one too :-)

  27. How lovely and feminine!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces of clothing!

  28. I am in love and if I were twenty years younger and lighter....!

  29. I love all of these - gorgeous!

  30. Wow Jill they are all so gorgeous & unique!! They will go like hot cakes :)

  31. Oh my gosh, those are so beautiful!


  32. These are amazing. Absolutely stunning!

  33. Oh my goodness, you are amazing! I love these, so beautiful and delicate. I would love to have you come and link up to Fantastic Friday at http://ironvioletdesigns.blogspot.com



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