January 24, 2011

Welcome to my porch ... and Porch Club

What's this all about? Okay I'll spill ... The Porch Club is an idea that's been rolling around in my head for a long time ... I was never quite sure just what to do with it ... until now.

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and come join me on my porch I want to share with you what I've come up with ...

Like a lot of you I love porches. I adore all styles ... simple,traditional,grand,wrap-a-round ... the list goes on and on ... whether the porch is attached to a beach cottage bungalow, a massive gingerbread Victorian, a rustic time-worn farmhouse, or a log cabin deep in the woods. The porch is the first "hello and welcome" the house greets me with and draws me further in.

I often feel the front porch is like an open window to view what the inside of the home may be ... it's the 'first impression' the owner has put out for everyone to see ... when I see an amazing porch my mind can only imagine what the interior of the home is like!

My love for porches certainly doesn't stop at the front porch ... there's the back porch,the side porch, the sun porch, and the sleeping porch.

Okay ... I'm sure you get by now how I feel about the actual porch itself  {I could go on, but there will be plenty of time for that!} 
However, there's the other part of the porch ....

What the porch represents.
A place to gather. A place to share. A place to relax.
I miss the carefree days of an intimate gathering on the porch with friends to exchange little snippets of life.  Share a decorating project or a recipe or two ... what happened over the weekend, or what's coming up ... family and vacations ... spouses and in-laws {hmmm, maybe}

Still with me?
I want the Porch Club to be a Monday morning place to bring this all together. A regular time to share with each other our love for porches and ... a bit of time to chat and get to know one another.

My goal is to keep it real and casual ... as it should be! It's also my goal to keep some of my Monday mornings available to be on-line and chat "live" thru the comment section ... for an an hour or so.

What do you need to do to be a member? It's easy. Show up and share!
Yup that's it.
Participate as you like ... no pressure here.
Oh! ... and you do NOT have to have a porch of your own to join us ... you are always welcomed to come sit on one of ours!

And that's not all ... Each month there will be a "Porch of the Month" featured. I am especially looking forward to this part ... If you would like to have your porch considered for a feature, please send photos and a brief description to:
 I will keep a section open for permanent links to the featured porches. Get out your cameras and your photos in.

Are you getting excited yet? I hope I am not alone!!

The first official gathering of the Porch Club will be next Monday, January 31st ... For the first get-to-together let's have some in-general porch talk about what else? .. PORCHES!... what's your favorite? Have you decorated your porch? ... or any special memories, stories, or photos you have to share.
in addition ...
 this will also kick off the first week in February ... a month of romance and football. Before we tackle romance I need some help in the football entertaining field ... a call out for party recipes!! 
If you have one, please bring  your favorite party appetizer {or beverage} to share next week.

Okay ... now I'm super excited to see you next Monday morning, here, at the Porch Club! 
Invite your friends, meeting new people will be half the fun ; )
 {p.s. I will have the link up Sunday night for those of us not available Monday am}

Questions? Drop me a note:


  1. OH this sounds like so much fun. I don't have a porch yet, (2 decks though) but will take you up on the invitation to stop by and enjoy yours:) I just started 'Bloggers Bodega' on my blog. It is free advertisement! Good luck with your new adventure:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I was just thinking this weekend about how just a few years ago we gathered together with friends on a regular basis. Now everyone is so busy they don't have time to visit other than just in passing. A short 'Hi how are you' doesn't satisfy me, I need more. I'm exited about this 'sharing on the porch' I'll be out of the state for the first two, but will be here with a cup of hot chocolate when I get back.

    I'm going to place the button on our blog.

  3. Hi Jill... count me in!!! I love porches, my favorite past~time is just sitting out there, daydreaming over a cup of coffee... I am putting your button on my sidebar right now!...super exciting!... you look adorable on your porch!...xoxo Julie Marie PS I might just have something special to wear too... tee hee hee!!!

  4. LOVE your idea! I will definitely join you on Mondays! Thanks for the invitation for good company. We will be "rocking" on the porch!


  5. This is a wonderful idea! Ohh can't wait to see all the beautiful porches!

  6. Hey there Jill, I just sent in photos to your new email for my romantic Valentine sunporch! I think this will be so fun and full of everyone's creativity. Not to mention a big motivator to clean up and decorate!!
    Talk soon,

  7. I'd love to take part. I have a porch and I love it - I will be in Manhattan all day on Monday, so I hope I remember to post on Sunday night!


  8. what a terrific idea......love it. I went from an amazing porch surrounded by roses and a beautiful front door ...to a lil walk up porch...i do need some inspiration and motivation......see u next monday.

  9. What a great idea Jill! I would love to join in and have added your button to my sidebar. I'll submit some pics of my porch as well!



  10. Jill,
    Not to sound like a dummy...BUT...I have pitiful, skimpy porches. Do gazebos count? That I have!
    Sounds like fun. I remember as a little girl everyone sat on their front porches in the evenings, watched the kids play and visited. Now we are in the back with tall fences...just not the same.
    I'm looking forward to this and thank you for such a great idea!

  11. Sound found but unfortunately I do not have a porch . . . . :(

  12. Jill, great idea! My back porch is in dire need of some TLC, maybe now I will move it to the top of my to do list...looking forward to Monday...


  13. I LOVE this idea!! See you all next Monday!!

  14. Oh, I'm gonna wear something comfy yet stylish enough to look and feel great.
    Porches are a wonderful place for both solitude and communication.

    See everyone Monday,

  15. Your button is on my sidebar inviting folks over for a visit.


  16. sounds like fun....now if I could just find my porch underneath all my barn market finds....hmmmm?

  17. Great idea! I was just telling Steve that I want to reclaim the downstairs sleeping porch from the kids and use it as my photography area (it's the one of the only rooms in the house with good light). I never win on these things though. Funny how the kids take over everywhere!

    Can't to participate. How fun! Blessings... Polly

  18. Sounds like fun! I'll meet you on the front porch next Monday!

  19. I want to play PORCH too!!! In the winter where I live, it is sooo cold that I hardly am able to use my porch, but I long for the long days & evenings of summer when one can languid in the warmth & serenity any porch can bring. I need the light right now anyway, so I'm on board. Great idea friend!

  20. can't wait! and what a cute picture of you Jill!

  21. OK Now I am really sad that I don't have a porch! :(
    But I am so going to spread the word!!!!
    :) HUGS! Karen

  22. Oh how exciting!! I will be there on a monday evening with the time difference see you next week :) Just building my house at the moment & wanting to add a front porch so will be looking for idears & designs :)

  23. I'm in. I can't get over it!! someone else has this same fascination!! I look to buy my homes based on the porch, decorate the porch first fireplace second. all things about the front porch! =0)

  24. Love your idea! I'm one that loves porches and love to decorate our veranda. I'm going to spiffy it up and give it a special photo shoot. Honestly, it needs some loving care presently.

    Do you care if people are in the photos? Or just the 'specialness' of the porch in general?

    Thank you for this very fun idea! It makes me want to relax more & look forward to Springtime ahead.

  25. We just have a patio..but I love it. Going to follow you.
    Mary Ann

  26. I love front porches! Looking foward to see all those beautiful porches.
    Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~

  27. I love,love this idea! I am ready to get my porch fixed up but they weather man just won't cooperate right now...he is sending me more snow this week. I'll have to let it warm up some here before I can join in but I will follow along.

  28. Please count me in.How perfect that I'm a new follower in time to start from the beginning of your porch parties.I'm happy to meet your other followers and to get to know you better.Your work with lace is amazing. Denise

  29. Hi Jill, your newest fan here. I love your blog!! And I love your Porch Club idea. I am hoping it takes off for you and we get to see tons of awesome photos of pretty porches. I have a small one, it's covered, I have a little room to decorate on. Just waiting for the weather to be a little better so I can make mine sweet. Keep up your wonderful blog, I am enjoying it very much!!!

  30. This is awesome!!
    We built our house 7 years a go, and I finally got the porch I've always wanted. I decorate it for the holidays and seasons, and it's always a gathering place when the grandkids come. I've got 5 happy cats that like to lie on the bench on my porch. I'ts also my painting place when the weather is warm.
    Love this blog!!!


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