February 1, 2011

February Porch of the Month

Welcome to the first Porch of the Month ... we are visiting on the porch of Debra Oliver ...I'm sure many of you are familiar with Debra's blog "Common Ground" ... where she shares a lot of her enthusiasm for home decor and personal style tips ... her attention to detail and flawless style always blows me away! I'm going to let Debra herself guide us around and describe her wonderful porch to us all~
{click on any photo to enlarge}
"Right off my kitchen sets the most fun little spot in my house; my sunporch.  It's dated and needs some sprucing up, but I love to decorate seasonally there.
 All my chippy garden things end up out there with my white wicker as a backdrop. Old quilts, trellises, bird cages; even a chippy picket fence gate with teeth marks!
 Weather permitting, I have my first cup of coffee there, as the kitties and I enjoy a morning ritual of bird watching. No matter what the weather or time of year, it's an inspiration every day."

How about them apples? I'm inspired, how about you? 
Thank you Debra for graciously allowing us to visit with you on your sunporch!

Don't forget next Monday's topic of Porch conversation:
"Romancing the Porch"

 What is it about the porch that says romance to you?
Is it an intimate corner for a private conversation?
An old fashioned swing?
A kiss goodnight on the doorstep?

What is the most romantic vision of a porch you can dream up?
A wrap-around deep in the sultry South?
A broken down fixer upper waiting for your hands?
A craftsman bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean?
See ya back on the porch !!



  1. Ooooh i just love red & its ooozing out of every corner!!! Love it :)))

  2. Ooooh, so very pretty! I want to go over & have a cup of coffee there! Great eye for detail! Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance come warm up by my "fire" today, it's roaring all day long! xoxo Beth

  3. What a beautiful inviting sunporch. I have always wanted an enclosed porch to decorate. I could see me surfing the blogs, drinking a cup of tea and having a scone on that porch. Just lovely.

  4. Debra's porch definately deserves to be shown, it's amazing!

  5. OMG !!!! LOVE every bit of that sweet porch!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oooh Jill and Debra, I want to live there! It is so beautiful, I love all the red in there, especially the transferware...also love the touches of Nature all over, the picket fence is so cute too... just one question... Debra... where DO you get all your energy??? I want some of it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. I'll be joining your porch club next week...and Debra's porch is so cheery and inviting...not at all stark

    and oh my word is your porch amazing...wow...the architecture alone is stunning! and that cabinet? and the SPACE! you have...awesome Jill - and you cracked m up about going into the tunnel...ha!

    Anne Marie
    (p.s. I'm doing a Fifi giveaway about the sale today)

  8. What a gorgeous, enchanting and cozy spot in which to have morning coffee with the kitties!

  9. hi jill! debra's porch is as charming as i would expect it to be. what a cozy place to enjoy morning coffee and the view outside.



  10. Hi Jill,
    I would love to join in except that I have no porch...this looks like fun :)enjoy your week.


  11. This log smells like ... SPRING!! Nice evening, @nne

  12. Hey Sweet Jill, thanks so much for sharing my porch, we're in "white-out" right now. We're getting a taste of what you all have been living with...snow...snow...snow!
    love ya bunches!

  13. alright ... now I am bored as heck here at the farmhouse ... think I need me some color.

    always inspired here.

  14. What a pretty sun porch..so cheerful!

    Stephanie ♥

  15. How lovely your porch is filled with such wonderful treasures! Oh, I see a lovely cup of Tea! I love the rose heart! I just love it all! lol

  16. warm, wonderful, beautiful and inviting...

  17. Hi Jill...thanks for sharing Debra's porch! It is so warm and inviting...perfect pictures for this cold, snowy day (with another one tomorrow)! I am loving this porch party!

  18. Have always loved Debra's porch. She has such great style! I don't have a porch as such- a detached sunroom is more what mine is - I need to get out there and whip it into shape as soon as it warms up- my plants are all pulled in there for the winter cold right now.

  19. Love that cheerful Porch, so inviting and how great is that to have it right off your kitchen, enjoyed my visit, Hugs and Blessings Marilou

  20. Beautiful! A fellow STEELER fan here! From the 'burgh... How are you celebrating on Sunday? Make sure you have your Terrible Towel!

  21. that porch is such an inspiration. it got me going around house gathering up some stuff lol i get too carried away doing orders for customers and forget about making some pretty groupings for myself!!! I went to her site and listed it in favs. thanks hugs JoAnn

  22. Oh how VERY beautiful and I too love all the red details and greenery. Wow...I just want to come over and stay a while. What beautiful photos!!!

    Thank you two, for sharing.



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