February 21, 2011

In the Neighborhood ....

Okay, I'll be the first to admit ... maybe this was not the best week to show off the porches in our neighborhoods ... unless you live in a warmer part of the country where porches are maintained year round. Not the case here {NJ}, our snow recently melted and most porches still have the remains of shovels, ice melt, and muddy footprints ... I was a little disappointed driving around town yesterday looking for inspiration ... since it didn't immediately slap me in the face I had to dig deeper ... Once my eyes stopped looking for the 'pretty' ... I began to see the wide abundance of uniqueness in my town ... we have every type of porch imaginable in one borough. Pretty cool !!
 Lovely wrap around with gingerbread ...
Traditional  American foursquare ... complete with white wicker.
 Many porches lined up in neat neighborly rows ....
 Sweet little Victorians with a touch of gingerbread ...
all done up in pink ...

 and this street below is extra special to me ... this is the street where my Grandparents lived.  There is a whole block of these side-by-side style homes ~ we called them "twins", all with attached front porches and shared driveways.
 This is where my love for porches was fostered .. every summer Mom and I would spend time at my Grandparent's and every evening we would spend time on the porch with neighbors.
I'm going to have 'neighborhood porches' become a regular monthly topic at Porch Club ... I think we all have a lot to share on this topic, plus it's going to give the gals without porches of their own a chance to participate more!

I think it's safe to say we are all looking forward to Spring ... so how about next week we share some porch inspiration and dig up some 'pretty' pictures to pass around of dreamy porches all done up in their finest ... then we can start planning our own porch projects!!

I'm off to take a look at what you've posted today ... see ya next week back on the porch ; )

Hey Porchers ... again, I'm getting some notes that the 'Linky' is not behaving again ... darn him! Please drop me a comment if you want to link up but are having trouble.


  1. I will be glad when it warms up. My neighbors refer to our area of town the porch district. And longing for our wine on the porch evenings with my neighbors...I feel like I have not seen them in ages!

  2. I finally got a porch built on my house last year and I love it! When it's warm we go out every morning and have coffee, can't wait for it to warm up cause I look forward to this when I go to bed at night!

  3. Okay - I'm loving the side-by-sides!!! How FUN!!! You would never get me off the porch. Ever.

    I'm off to catch up on your shenanigans!!!

    (I can't show you my porch... it's got springs and duct tape and tires and cinder blocks...)

    ;o) robelyn

  4. sorry jill, we have no front porches in our neighborhood to show this week, but i am loving the ones you showed!



  5. Another party pooper.... I was not able to get picture in fear of being taken to jail around here. Sooo, I decided to post on Presidents Day. I love your pictures and would gladly move in to a wrap around porch home today!!!

  6. hi!
    i can totally relate...we have all kinds of porches and home styles in Chicago. too bad about the gray weather in our areas, but at least the snow is mostly gone!

  7. our nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile down the road...so I hope you don't mind me putting up my own porch??

    I'm a little late joiing the party too....
    I'm just a mess aren't I??

    Anne Marie

  8. I love your photos of porches....I live in the high desert of NM and in the suburbs at that so my porches are varied, different and not nearly as neighbor friendly as yours appear to be. Thanks for sharing....I loved the tour. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  9. ik ben via via via biij je terecht gekomen , nou nou nou wat heb jij een leuke blog .. zo veel verschillende dingen die je bespreekt en waar je foto's van laat zien .. super...
    ik ge je volgen want hier wil ik niets van missen
    gustaviana xx

  10. You have such a wonderful area, Jill. I'm afraid I don't have much to show right now, but I did finally get the holly and evergreen wreath off my porch! It's been cold and yucky until last week, now just dirty. ha ha!
    Hopefully I can join in when the weather's better, now that I have the new booth open.
    love ya bunches,

  11. Hi Jill, love the beautiful porches you have shown today, especially loved getting to see where your grandparent's use to live. I'm so glad that your going to have this as a once a month thing to take pictures of the neighbors porches, I have been trying to link up and it's not working for me, has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  12. Hi Jill,

    Well I'm afraid I'm the one that fell asleep last night and didn't get my post up. :-) All of the homes you've shown are just fabulous. I especially love seeing what I call row houses...may not be the right word but I think they are so cool! I know you must have great memories of playing on your grandparent's porch...what a neat house.

    Linky behaved for me this week..so I wonder what their problem is?? I know that their are a few different services and also heard that some are going to start charging a fee?

    Have a wonderful day...
    Stephanie ♥

  13. Nothing says welcome better than a big front porch. And I have a serious weakness for those deep, wrap-around porches! xo Cathy

  14. Hello from germany,

    the first house is my favourite. I love the american tradition to build porches - it looks so homely and the porches can be so beautifully decorated. In germany you can see rarely a porch. We live in a house which is 108 years old and I would like to have a porch but it is not possible because our house is unfortunately to near to the street and no room for it. But we have a big terace (hope this is the right word) in the backyard and a staircase goes directly from the terace into the garden.

    many greetings,

  15. Thanks for sharing...where I live, South Florida, it is nothing like this...and I wish it was :)

  16. Oh Jill what beautiful old Homes you have in your area, with the most charming porches! Alas, here in Arizona most of the Historic Homes were razed... ours is one of the few that still survives from the turn of the Century. It is always a Joy to see parts of the Country that preserved more of their History and beautiful old Homes! I'm joining the Porch Party...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. You really got some beautiful and charming porches.
    Mary Ann


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