February 14, 2011

A Porch Club Bake-Off ....

Good morning peeps! Sorry this post wasn't up last night ... but, I fell asleep with the Gypsy Prince as I was putting him to bed ... next thing I knew the roosters were crowing and it was morning! Maybe it had something to do with eating one of these comma inducing chicken pot pies at 8pm for dinner ??
 This was my first attempt at making a homemade potpie {crust and all!} ... lots of work but soooooo well worth it ... totally yummy! I used Ina Garten's recipe that you can find here. I altered it a bit so that I could use some extra veggies I had on hand. I encourage you to try it. 
Then it was on to dessert ... I waaaay over baked ... we only got around to doing the cupcakes, I still have two cakes and a huge lump of sugar cookie dough ready to go! I guess that will be on today's list ... I could think of worse things to do ... I LOVE to decorate baked goods!
 The result ... a sweet simple vanilla cupcake with pink cream cheese frosting.
I can eat these by the dozen!
{hmmm... maybe that has something to do with why there's only one left to photograph?}
I'm hoping some of you girls had the chance to bake and decorate for your Sweeties this weekend, if so... link it on up below to the Valentine's bake-off .... I will announce the winner and the prize on this Wednesday,the 16th ... I gave a hint yesterday about the prize on SILVER Sunday {wink-wink}.
You can enter up until midnight {est} Tuesday.

Next weeks Porch Club meeting will be all about porches in your neighborhood ... get your camera out shoot some pics and give us all a tour of some of your favorite porches in your neck of the woods!

Happy Valentine's Day .. I heart all of you! 

ps. not only was I creating in the kitchen this weekend ... I've been creating in the studio preparing for this!! I'll be sharing more details with you this week. 

**sorry girls ... looks like Mr. Linky is NOT feeling the LOVE today ... they are working out some kinks and should have links 
back up soon ; (


  1. 1 word = Y.U.M.M.O.
    I can just imagine the smells
    coming from your kitchen this
    weekend =)
    Happy Valentines Day

  2. I wish I would have had time to bake. I really enjoy doing it. We are having a midwinter thaw and dealing with water everywhere. I hope to be able to share some nice porches next week.

  3. This was a fun post! Thanks for thinking of it. Have a great Valentine's Day!

  4. Shame on me I didn't actually bake my entry. But I will ;) I love that you fooled us all and went with dinner! I absolutely love homemade chicken pot pie! My daughter in law gave me individual ramekins for Christmas I love this idea!

    Thanks for hosting us we should get tons of great ideas and recipe's

    Happy Valentines Day

  5. Ohmygosh, cpp is one of my alltime faves. I try to make mine low fat though, (is that even possible?) Did you see Top Chef's Karla with Jimmy Fallon? Never so much excitement over a cpp! Anne-Marie's post was great. Honey you look fab-u-lous!!!! I know you'll have a ball!
    love you big bunches,

  6. looks delish! congrats on being selected to sell at nada farm! the pic of you in the back of the car surrounded by suitcases is so fabulous! happy valentines day!


  7. Mmmmm....I love chicken pot pies, yours look so homey and yummy too...Ina Garten has the best recipes too!

    Happy Valentines Day...

  8. Mmm ! Everything looks great ! Sorry to miss Porch Club this week , I'm not much of a cook .I can cook , just don't like to. So I'll pass this week. Although I do like to eat , and everything looks yummy .

  9. Happy Valentines Day sweet one.

  10. Happy Valentines, congrats on the Nada Sale love the picture by the way! And your wonderful idea to post all these delicous baked goods is killing this girl on a diet.....so please forgive me for not posting a baking post, but I do have a couple cool porches and pink and red! I promise to follow the party and have neighborhood porches next week we have alot of those and well no calories......

  11. Hi Jill, I would love to come over and have chicken pie with you, looks so yummo and inviting, we could top it off with our Chocolate Surprise cake and it is so easy! Have a wonderful and romantic Valentines Day! Hugs Marilou xoxo

  12. Woo to the Hoo...congratulations!
    I finally made it on time, but I can't get the linky thingy to work...oh well!
    I love pot pie anything and don't even get me started on pink icing!!!

  13. Hi Jill,

    Last night Blogger was giving me fits over uploading my photos..one insisted on uploading sideways....so that one got chunked!

    Then the linky was being totally rude today..LOL It seems there was a wave of mishaps in cyber space.

    Those chicken pot pies look so good and your cupcakes are so pretty.

    Anyhow, I'm here! And with food!! Help yourself to a brownie...hee hee

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby

    Stephanie ♥

  14. I would love to have some of those festive CPP! That's good home cooking. Joni

  15. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for coming by for a brownie! And yes, I bought one of the Wilton "Bar" baking pans..it makes 12 perfect squares and I thought it would be perfect for brownies!

  16. Oh man....those pot pies are beautiful and look so good!

  17. Aha you've been caught...so now I know while I was working my tail off on our new endeavor.. you were inhaling your fab. home cooked goodness...then sleeping it off...hmpf! Just teasing, I forgive you...as long as you save me some of the CPP.

  18. Hi Jill... Happy Valentines Day to you... all your goodies look delish, especially the chicken pot pies, yum!... xoxo Julie Marie


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