February 6, 2011

Romancing the porch .... with both my men

 Hmmm.... romancing the porch. Tougher than I thought. Sure, I have the typical notions of what romance on the porch is, or should be. Swinging on a porch swing side-by-side or a late night candlelit dinner. 

These scenarios however are only images in my head, in my reality they don't occur all that much...if ever. That doesn't mean there isn't a total lack of romance happening on my porch ... just well, a different sort of desire.  
Here are some photos of my family and I romancing our porch last summer during a heavy rain fall outside ... it was a steamy day and we finally had a cool storm blow through ... we sat on the porch with both French doors open on either end, we relaxed and read ... enjoying the breeze.

 Hey, my reading material is 'Romantic' ... 
looking over to see the boys reading together does melt my Mother's heart ... is it unusual to find this picture romantic? ... something always 'catches' me when I see my husband unconditionally sharing his love with The Gypsy Prince ... what is that all about? .. I swear it moves me to my core.

Here's the view outside that day ... ahhhhh ... green ... even if it is raining .. it's peaceful....and romantic to look at.

 A little more reading ....This is the type of 'romance' that happens on our porch.
And I can't help but show you what the same view off the porch looks like today ....
 Could be cozy ... if there were a fireplace on the porch ...
After seeing what my porch looked like on the big screen computer screen last week, UGH! I decided to clean up my act, a little. 
Thank you for your kind comments and not being too harsh ... I appreciate your motivation.
Check what your neighbors are doing to romance their porches ... the links are below and if you missed the Porch of the Month last week, here's the link, now Debra knows how to romance a porch.

Since next week's Porch Club falls on Valentine's Day ... I'm going to challenge ALL of you to a Valentine bake-off !!
Bake a cake, make some cookies, mold some chocolate and most important ... have some fun!
Take a photo and bring your treat to share with all of us next week on the porch ... and just think how happy your family will be with the real thing at home.
There will be a prize for the winner !! 

Have a great week and I'll see ya back on the porch,


  1. Oh I love some of the furniture you have on your porch! Gorgeous! I love that magazine too. Looks inviting.

  2. Look at the your men's faces - they are both glowing! They are so loving being together! How can that NOT tug at your heartstrings! It's so beautiful!

  3. One of my favorite magazines to enjoy reading on the porch too!! I do love that couch of yours!

    bee blessed

  4. Kind of hard to get motivated when there's snow on the ground, huh? Ours just melted. Nice today, but more moving on in. I do love your porch. Can't wait to see it come summer!

  5. All you photos are so pretty Jill. It just melts my heart to see your husband and son sitting there too. I can only image how it touches you. Your yard and view is just beautiful. What a romantic porch to enjoy.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. Wishing i had a porch to link up!!!! Fun checking out the others that did link up! xoox

  7. I love that sofa of yours!! Thanks for a fun party.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. I love the image of your hubs and son together, I do. So real and so lovely.

  9. Hi Jill, love how you romance your porch, and I can see why the photo of your two guys melts your heart!... sorry I do not have a porch post to link this time... we found a poor little stray pup on our walk today, and she is taking up all my time until I can see who she belongs to tomorrow... I posted about her just now, but she's not on the porch... she is laying all sprawled out content in our living room watching tv with Jack!... will visit all the other porches though!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Hello Jill,
    The boys melt my heart and they are not even related to me !!

    Nothing can sweet a quite time when you see such endearment as your guys.

    Love the sofa, in its gypsy fashion it fits the rooms feel and right up against those French doors.

    I Had no porch to show but the art listed would sure fit well on a covered inclosed porch :)

    Have a beautiful week with lots of inspiration your way!

  11. Great place to relax Summer or Winter. What a wonderful picture of your men in your life. No porch here, but do hope to spiffy up the courtyard when warm weather ever returns.
    Have a great week.

  12. Love your porch post Jill, your DH reading to your son, steals my heart! The view from inside to outside is wonderful, have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being such a lovely host! Marilou xoxo

  13. There is nothing more attractive than a good Dad in my book!!

    Your romance on the porch I think is what most people experience too. I would not have it any other way!

  14. jill, you have a beautiful family! and that porch IS romantic!



  15. I would say this is pretty gosh darned romantic - you on that gorgeous sofa reading and the two adorable men in your life sitting together. Beautiful, Jill.


  16. Hi Jill, what a wonderful porch you have! Looks like your guys are enjoying it too! I would love to join your Porch Club.... but my front porch is really just a entrance way, not much of a porch, and I need to get the front door painted... we've been talking about doing that, this will make me get a move on! Our back patio's have been taken over by 2 large dogs that I rescued, can't relax there anymore because all they want to do is play, and dig holes in the yard! I'm sure I can find some pretty porches somewhere to show off for now! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  17. Your post is giving me fond memories of summer days spent lounging on my dad's cousin's porch when I was young. I did not link up this week but I am sharing a view FROM my back porch on my blog.

  18. Love the "boys" reading~would melt any wife/momma's heart! Love your sofa, too!
    I'm all linked up with my "tree house" ...
    Swiss Family Robinson is one of my all time favorites. We had an early edition book, with the best illustrations, when I was growing up...I would just stare at it and dream! I bet my momma still has it. Thanks for a fun party, just what we needed in February!

  19. Just found you! Can't wait to see more, your coach is amazing, how sweet to see the 'boys' hanging out together! I will follow--see you soon!!

  20. Hi Jill,

    You have such a lovely home and what a beautiful view..so full of energy..and I see you HAD to clear out the sun porch..hee hee Funny how seeing a photo can spur you into action!

    I'm a bit late getting linked up but I made it.

    Stephanie ♥

  21. Hi Jill,

    Your porch, and the view from it, amazing -- truly romantic! What a great place for you and your beautiful family to relax and enjoy each other's company!


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