February 3, 2011

Shopping ... from home

We've been working on a kitchen facelift .. I call it a 'facelift' because ... the budget is more 'facelift' ... use what we have, just stretch it a little bit ... with a few nips and tucks here and there. We've been working on this project for .... hmmmm, somewhere around 2 years now. Sad, isn't it? Unfortunately this big old house has a lot of work going on and the inside projects usually have to wait until it's too darn cold to go outside and work.

This morning I've been shopping on line for some cool new things I would like to have for newly 'lifted' face kitchen.

My taste runs towards vintage and traditional, but I'm looking for some modern furniture and accessories to throw into the mix.
I can picture these bar stools adding some funk to the island.
Okay ... I LOVE this ... I wouldn't have anything else but my stainless steal appliances,but it's frustrating not to be able to put anything on them. This removable chalkboard decal would be the solution ... and it fits my vintage style! 
This rug would be perfect in the small sitting portion of the kitchen ... ties in nicely with the chalkboard decal.

These melamine dinner plates and tumblers have a classic style and are so much fun! Plus, they would be great for the Gypsy Prince as well ... no china or glass to break!!
 Tea towels
and the kitchen sink ...
Shopping from home, gotta love it.


  1. Jill ~
    That chalkboard thingie is so cool!!
    It looks like another day to do online
    shopping :)


  2. Hi Jill -- yes, I've done the kitchen remodeling thing and it can be a lot of work. You can check out my post about it -- http://shimmerandtulle.blogspot.com/2010/03/getting-my-cooking-groove-and-kitchen.html

    I found our faucet at a liquidation store for $99! And the sink at Ikea. But I love the colored one in your post. If I had found a blue one...oh my.. :)

  3. What beautiful finds! I have stainless appliances too, so I LOVE that chalkboard decal idea!!

  4. That chalk boards it way cool I could do with one of those were did you find it please? Enjoy renovating the kitchen I am just getting my kitchen fitted so excited!! :)

  5. I love that chalkboard decal and the melamine dishes are a "must have". ♥ ...and the kitchen sink too!

    Stephanie ♥

  6. Hey Jill, I am your newest follower, love your blog, just add me to the gypsy family.
    and thank you so much for visiting and commenting on LazyonLoblolly,please drop by anytime,I am excited to blog with ya.
    PS, I love the cowgirl boots, I have the same ones.I'm thinking we got alot in common.whoo hooo

  7. the chalkboard decal is amazing! love that kitchen sink too.

  8. Hey Girl! I gave you a mention in my blog. Thanks so much for your advice! Now I’m totally into Picnik...obsessed!!! what fun..Thanks Jill.

  9. I love that chalkboard decal -- what fun! And it is fun to shop from home!

  10. i like the chalk board too! I have also seen the pantry door or one wall painted with chalk bard paint and it looks really cute! I love the bib sink too.. i always wanted one then when we remodeled i ended up getting a huge sink with a draining board. i just love it. it like the really old ones but it is stainless to match the rest of the kitchen!


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