February 11, 2011

Vintage Inspired Baking ... and a CHALLENGE !!

My most highly valued vintage possessions are items from my Great Grandmother's kitchen ... her name was Elizabeth Rowland ... to me, she was Nana. Below are my some of my favorites ... I have numerous recipes written in her own hand ... and a simple scoop made for her by her husband, my Great Grandfather.
Included in my vintage collection are her rolling pin and various tart/biscuit cutters. The rolling pin only has the faintest touch of red paint left on it's handles ... she used this pin and also my grandmother, mom, myself and now my daughter ... I think that's pretty special to know that five generations of hands have baked with this one rolling pin.

The other items I have are on display every day in my kitchen are... her old tin measuring cups ... I use them as scoops for my sugar and flour ... vintage Fire King measuring cup ... various plates and bowls.
Today I started baking ... for Saint Valentine's Day
sweet treats for my Sweets ...
I made cupcakes, a layer cake, sugar cookies and a few different types of icings. This weekend I will spend time decorating with the kids...we'll have a bevy of goods done for Monday.
Here's my challenge for you ...
A Valentine's bake-off !!
What is your inspiration?
Bake it up, take a picture, post about it and link up to 
"The Porch Club" HERE on Monday, February 14th.
There will be a prize for the winner!!
ready, set, bake!

I'm linking up today : )

Wishing all of you a weekend full of sweet romance ... and BAKING!


  1. Hi Jill... Love all of your grandmothers wonderful kitchen items that now belong to you... and such priceless memories they each carry... I also love that five generations have now used her rolling pin... I just love these kinds of stories...I especially love that you actually use her things, not just put them away in a cupboard... your nana is smiling watching over you baking!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. count me in!! how fun Jill!!!!! My Grandmother's name is Elizabeth too

  3. Oh, that is a wonderful post! I also have my Grandmother's recipes and her pastry cutter. I just love having them. I hadn't thought about baking with them for Valentine's but that would be cool! Love this idea. And, I have no problem getting rid of a pie around here!LOL Will se you Monday! Love this idea.:)

  4. My grandmother taught me to cook and how I wish I had some of her kitchen things! Instead I inherited jewelry, antique perfume bottles and her fabulous stash of feed sacks, the kind printed with brightly colored flowers and paisleys. And out of everything, her sewing things mean the most, because she taught me to sew too! I think it is amazing that 5 generations have used that rolling pin to make good things for loved ones. What special treasures you have! I'll be back Monday to share some sweet Valentine baking!

  5. What beautiful treasures from your Nana! Lucky girl!

    I am not a baker but a really good taster!!

  6. wow, that is incredible...all the generations that have used your baking tools! i am going to really try and whip something up this weekend for Porch Club!!

  7. So awesome that you have those treasured recipes! Your photos are gorgeous too, thanks so much for sharing at Cindy's show and tell.

  8. Those items looks just like some my Grandmother Baker had and now I have them.

    I also have her Chicken and Dumplings recipe card I had her write out for me I copied it for my sisters. we miss her so much


  9. I read about a new blog I thought you might be interested in!
    She features a new pie recipe every Friday!

  10. I loved the post! I adore using my Grandmothers things. I always use her crock, rolling pin etc for making my Christmas cookies....don't they taste better? It is wonderful 5 generations have used that rolling pin..oh if it could talk, think of the things it heard in those kitchens!
    Happy Valentines day!

  11. I only wish I had my grandmothers handwritten receipes. You are very fortunate...Happy Valentines Day!

  12. What a sweet post- love your grandmothers neat old kitchen elements and recipes- what special treasures! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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