March 1, 2011

Porch of the Month ... March

Yesterday I promised you some more Spring porch inspiration and I believe you will agree hands down with me that March's 'Porch of the Month' delivers ... big time!!

Welcome to the beautiful porch of Shelley Price of Sweet Pea Home.

Sit back and enjoy your time on Shelley's porch ... there is a lot to take in ....

Shelley is married to Rex Price aka Mr. Sweet Pea, she's a former shop owner, now antiques dealer who sells at Marburger Farms twice yearly and occasionally in Florida at Renninger's Antique Fair in Mt.Dora Florida ... and at home sales. 
Currently she's getting ready for her big road trip to Marburger ... stop by and say "hello" if you can!
I had the pleasure of meeting Shelley this past Spring in Texas ... and I can tell ya first hand she is the sweetest pea in the bunch!!

Shelley describes her porch as "... a typical screened porch that most Floridians enjoy, but someday we plan to remove this porch and build a new and larger one with vaulted ceilings and an outdoor fireplace." Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Pea have lived in their home since 1995.

Shelley describes her decorating style as "... French farmhouse with a bit of industrial mixed in."

Some of her favorite porch activities include ...."enjoying a glass of wine as the sun goes down while listening to jazz ... or a cup of tea in the early morning while watching the butterflies dance about the gardens."

{all photos by sweet pea home}

Did you love it?? Want MORE?? ... would you like a tour of Shelley's entire home? Well, you can ... just run on over to The Old Painted Cottage where her home was featured this past January as "Cottage of the Month"

Shelley also has a little spot on Etsy ... where you too can get a piece of her terrific style!

Thank you for sharing your porch with us Shelley ... I know I'm inspired and have taken a lot of lessons from your personal design book ... thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their porch for consideration ... keep them coming ... you can send your porch pictures to:

I'm adding a link to Kathleen's White Wednesday party ... how could I not share all the chippy wonderfully patinaed whites Shelley uses on her porch?


  1. Oh so wishing I was sitting on that stellar porch with tea or wine. So pretty!
    xo Cathy

  2. That Shelley girl has got it going on! I call her style unique with her handprint all over it.
    P.S. Sorry I didn't join in Monday. Life keeps getting in my way.

  3. Great feature ! Loved her porch , and picked up a few ideas too !

  4. hello sweet jill! thanks so much for featuring my little porch. I am really enjoying your Porch series!



  5. GOOD GRAVY! I have to go... you will find me on Shelley's porch! LOL



  6. I have had the pleasure of visiting with Shelley on her awesome porch. It is so don't want to leave! There's so much to see, and, as always, her decorating is perfection!


  7. I will defiantly be going to check her page out, love that porch. I could almost hear the birds chirping!

  8. What a great place to sit sipping lemonade:) Love that loveseat and plant stand. Can't wait for Spring!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  9. I am enjoying your porch parties so much, and this porch is supreme!

  10. What a wonderful porch... I could spend a lot of time there!

  11. soooooooo gorgeous! a very cozy..eclectic and welcoming space. could sit there for hours and enjoy my tea...or wine! TFS sweet pea's porch!

  12. I love Shelley's style! I get to go to her home sales in the back yard so I have seen this in person and it's beautiful.
    Good choice!

  13. You're right! Tis a beautiful and creative porch!

  14. wa-wa...i wanna move to Florida...wa-waaaaaa! :) so love it!

  15. Shelly's porch is certainly full of style and comfort!! Thanks for the tour!

    bee blessed

  16. Love Love Love the porch. I visit your blog often and always come away with inspiration. Thanx for sharing! Please hop on over to my blog, follow and leave some advice or comment at Have an awesome week! Tiff The Cranky Queen

  17. Don't you just love Shelley's style in both her home and her porch....beautiful!

    I'd love to start playing along with you. I'll add your button to my blog and the snow is finally melting around here so hopefully it will warm up a bit and I can get outside to get things cleaned up and put back together. Right now our dogs pretty much use this area as their own and let me tell you it's filthy.


  18. I love her Blog, her Porch and her Home... so beautiful and inviting... she's got so many magnificent pieces and an eye for arranging them to look effortless, which is no easy task!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Great choice Jill!! Shelley's space is a beautiful haven! I'd love to join her there for a glass of wine!

  20. fun to relax there with a cup of coffee.
    Mary Ann

  21. totally deserves would be out in that room every. single. day.

  22. I love her porch! Very good choice, I love the rustic textures. I am hoping to go to maburger and I will look for her there!

  23. I love her porch! I could enjoy a cup of coffee on that porch!

  24. Hi. Thanks for the kind comment. Just love everything French. This porch is amazing.
    Have a great weekend.
    ~ Julie

  25. Really pretty! - and makes me long for summer. Happy weekend wishes from Norway


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