April 7, 2011

My French Affair ....

I've been having a love affair with this French Settee for a few years now.
My husband didn't understand the attraction, but humored me and allowed the relationship to continue.
I found my amour hanging out at the curb one evening ... the hook-up was immediate and I threw him into the cargo area of my wagon.
I've used and abused him since.
Mostly as a prop for photos .... that's what he gets for being so handsome.

This past winter was hard on him ... and he had begun to show his age.
Too many cold nights sleeping on the back porch.
You didn't think my husband would allow him inside, did you?
Absolutely NOT!

Yesterday he met his fate ... my scissors ... I only needed him now for his parts.

Let me tell you ... he didn't disappoint me. He had exactly what I was searching for.
Completely loaded with rusty, dusty, vintage coils!

So all was not lost .... I'm happy with my new treasures {coils} to create with and my husband is happy not having to look at my unattractive {to him} guy sitting on the porch.

And ... Mr.French Settee .... Well, let's just say I kicked him back to the curb where he came from. Oh don't worry about him ... it wasn't long before his next admirer came by and rescued him.

What is your French love affair? 
I'm sharing mine over at the Voila! party at French Cupboard,
why not share yours?
*Also linking today to Debra's "Vintage Inspiration" party ... come on over, it's loaded with ideas!



  1. I love her/him as a prop. Oh Jill, you could'nt recover that gorgeous piece? Was the wood messed up? I love the lines of it. Happy Voila!

  2. So sad :( He was a great find for the next treasure seeker! With an overhaul he'll be a gorgeous specimen once again.

  3. Oh what a nice French setee'! Perfect for props and photos :) My French "love" is the language and written word. Love the signs and pillows with French words... and French furniture, bottles, decor, etc. :)
    Becky C

  4. Oh, I wish I could have picked him up. How handsome.

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. I wish I got to trash pick that!! It would of been amazing prop in my store! Be really cool hanging on a big wall!!!

  6. Oh my... I would have surely stopped and made a new home for him....

  7. Oh Man!!! Why wasn't I driving by? What a seriously good "pick" he was. Im glad you had your fun with with him;)

  8. Wish I could have seen it on your curb, i would have snagged that baby up and restore, what a beautiful piece, I have seen the rusty springs used for some awesome things in antique malls I am curious what you use yours for. Are you sure you are not going to miss/regret giving up such a handsome older man????

  9. Darn it! I wish I lived near your curb!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  10. If I saw Mr. Settee on the side of the road, I would have picked him up too!

  11. Ooooh! Jill, this is the best post I have read in a while!! it had me smiling all the way through, wondering what was going to become of it, Mr Frenchie that is!

    I so wish I were driving by, I would havd snaged it up, taken him home with me! I am kind of attracted to the homeless :)

    I hope it went to someone who is inspired by its bones, and I mean bones of the piece thats all thats left to him.
    ome for a visit and enter my GiveAway! would love to see you!

  12. a perfect story on recyling...the sette lives on. Next owner probably had it completyly redone, spending lots of money on him, and lavishing him with
    fine fabrics, and new padding. Lovely.

  13. Where was your head????????? LOL

    you know there is 100's of us out here looking for just that piece. How sad you didn't love him anymore and threw him to the curb like garbage ( like a x husband)
    Wish I lived closer I loved his legs

    That is what i was thinking. however I need to be nicer and say it was nice you made someone's day by putting him out in the trash for someone to find
    oh well as the french say , say la vie

    oh bien dire la vi

  14. Oh Im Devasted. I was no where near to come rescue.. My Heart hurts that i missed it...
    Love it... Karryann

  15. Oh how I wish I could have rescued him off the curb! I love it! Cathy aka GGJ

  16. Oh my gosh - such a funny post! Glad someone else took him to a new home!


  17. poor guy, he really did have potential...



  18. I could cry...actually I think I'm gonna...My huband would be kicked to the curb first *winks* Vanna

  19. No Way, Where do you live? Is it too late to drop by and pick him up!!!!!!
    Awe... I would of absolutely kept him he was FABULOUS!
    I hope his new owner knows what do do with him!

  20. OMG I would have been that person to take it home! Sadly without the springs it's harder to revive, so I would have used boards as the seat and made it into a porch bench, complete with cushions and pillows! Oh but it would have been a beauty!

  21. I think I may have a crush on him as well;) Very handsome and rustic.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. I don't what I have laughed at the most your post or all the hilarious commments. Thanks to everyone for brightening up this dreary rainy day!!! ~~Sherry~~

  23. I have to agree with Sherry! I love that everyone would have taken him home! Your hubby was probably shaking his head when he was rescued after losing all of his coils, and by the way, I can't wait to see what you do with them! xoxo

  24. How could you get rid of such a handsome guy???? hahaha. Great lines and I'm sure you made someone's day:)


  25. I stumbled upon this and I'm actually sick over it. Stunned what was done to this (ripping out the coils when there's so much free crap out there to do it with) and dismayed it was thrown out. With a beautiful paint job and some simple easy diy upholstery job - that could've been beautiful.

    Stunned and saddened

  26. Love 'em and leave'em tis,tis, Loved your post. what a wonderful settee. He will find someone else to love him. There is always someone else!!!!!!


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