April 5, 2011

Porch ofthe Month ... April

 I love the unexpected ... especially when it comes to home decor and how talented gals utilize their spaces in unique ways. I knew as soon as I laid eyes upon Anne Marie's sunporch a few months back  I wanted to feature her romantic porch makeover as April's "Porch of the Month". 
I'm sure the majority of you are familiar with Anne Marie and her style, if not, please allow me the pleasure to introduce you ...
{all photography courtesy of Anne Marie}
 She is Anne Marie author of the blog "Na-da Farm Life ... with Anne Marie", wife, super mom, organic farmer, teacher, barn market entrepreneur, I'm not quite sure where or if the list ends ... consider it endless ... I think she's just a downright true and highly talented gal with a sense of style she can be proud to claim as uniquely all her own.
 What is so terribly unique about her porch is that she has completely outfitted the entire space as a special retreat for her and her newborn to relax and get to know one another. I could not imagine a more peaceful and lovely environment to welcome a new baby and spend precious bonding time ... take a look for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree.

 Anne Marie has all the details done to perfection and the result is a beautiful sunporch used in a least expected way .... a sanctuary for Mother, Baby, and maybe a visitor or two.
and introducing:
born March 31st
 Congratulations to Anne Marie and her entire family ... and a big "welcome" to Daniel !!
I promise you'll enjoy your visit with her.

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  1. Such a stunning sanctuary! The photos evoke such beauty and sereneness. You are very talented and have captured this alluring space perfectly. Anne Marie is a gifted designer. Thank you for posting this piece, have a wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful place and congrats on the sweet baby boy! judy

  3. Such a charming place to take refuge... Lovely

  4. She really IS supermom, I don't know how she does it. Her porch is just amazing. What a wonderful place for her and baby. just beautiful! And what a handome little fellow she has!

  5. Love it! How sweet is that?!
    Thanks for sharing....

  6. Hi Jill!!! Wow- thank you so much for saying such wonderful things - but I'm certainly no designer -
    and now, since Daniel is here, I've finally come up with a name for the room: "the den"

    (like the lion's den :)

    you are so sweet Jill - can't wait to see you!!!and give you a big hug
    Anne Marie

  7. I adore your pick of porches for the month Jill. I love Anne-Marie's style so much. I think her porch is truly a lovely place.
    hugs to you....

  8. Hi Jill! Greetings from Scotland! I L-O-V-E your website! I'm Struan, 27 from Dundee and love anything that is old, unusual, and unique. I have just started my own blog and I hope to share pictures with everyone of things I have made, things I have bought and things I find interesting. I hope you enjoy my site, xxx

  9. You sure know how to pick them Jill!
    What a beautiful little haven she has created!
    Love that photo of Anne Marie and Daniel...so peaceful and full of love!

  10. There must be 10 Anne Marie’s cause I don’t understand at all how she does everything that she does. Amazing Woman...and beautiful family.

  11. anne marie is truly amazing as is her home! i am so in love with her porch/special place for her and daniel...it just doesn't get anymore precious than that!!

  12. how could I stay away for so long ...
    girl, your site is beautiful.

    let's catch up when you have a minute.

  13. Yes, I've seen photos of her porch. I could spend weeks there and be happy as a clam.

  14. I soooo! remember this amazing room!
    It really took my heart to skipping beats!!

    I can so see why it captured your love of it.

    Leaving us all breathless when we visited her :)
    What a beautiful place, her sanctuary resting place to truly whisper sweetness in her little ones ear.

    I would so be creating beauty in a room like this! would we not all?

    Jill, PLEASE stop by I am having a Pure & Good GiveAway! and would love for you to enter to win :)
    You can make up to (3) comments at a chance to win :)

    See you soon, and I will be back soon to take in more of your beauty inside and out!

  15. I love Anne Maries porch thanks for featuring, it looks like the perfect place to spend bonding moments with a newborn and to accept a visitor as well


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