April 27, 2011

Ruby it is ....

I knew I could count on you girls to think up some awesome names for my newest family member !!
"Bertha" was definitely the name mentioned the most ... a lot of "B" names as well ... very creative ideas abounded. It was tough picking one ... with all the good choices I had!
When AndyBee from Brown Bee Studio said "Rubenesque" ... I knew that was it ... she is "Ruby" ... sweet, sweet Ruby ... maybe just "B" for an ultra short nickname. Ruby is truly a gem ... check her out below ... she's currently in the middle of her first fitting for a romantic prairie shirt ...
I've been concentrating on working in the studio day and night ... I need to get things done !! I've set daily quotas for myself ... The big Na-Da sale is only weeks away!! I'm so ........ excited!
Speaking of Na-Da ... here's something just released for the event,
Art on the farm
How cool is this? A mixed media class with Jeanne Oliver during the shopping event .... all set up in the barn out on the prairie!
{click on poster for more information and to sign up for class}

Okay peeps, that's my "allotted" blogging time for today ... back to the grind, Ruby is waiting!
Thank you for all your suggestions ... I had a blast reading them!



  1. these pictures are soo beautiful! thanks for sharing, @nne

  2. Ruby is a perfect name for her!
    Oh my gosh have so much fun at the
    Nada Farm Event!!


  3. Oh, Jill, what a perfect name!!! And, no, I'm not biased one bit!!! ;) That top is gorgeous, too!!!

  4. The pics are gorgeous and Ruby is a perfect name for her.

    Romantic Domestic

  5. Beautiful name Jill!... I actually am wearing "Olivia Sue" right this minute!... I soooo wish I was going to Na~Da Farm's big event, then I could meet YOU!... I did a post about it, asking my Fairy Godmother to get me there, tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I KNOW you will share lots of photos!

  6. You have picked the perfect name for her. Love to visit your blog. Check mine out when you have a moment, would love a new follower too :) Have a wonderful day.

  7. Ruby is a great name! And her outfit right now is gorgeous!

  8. Well WELCOME Ruby! Love the name!
    Golly I wish you were closer...except I would be so TOTALLY broke if you were.
    Big hugs! Good luck! You'll have a wonderful event! I just know it! GET BUSY!
    :) Karen

  9. get busy gypsy!! are you freaking out too? thank God I'm not the only one!

    SO much to do........I can't WAIT for you to come....how exciting!!


  10. Would I love a Ruby? yes, I covet a Wolf form and why not...Cynthia Wolf(f).
    my name is already on one. Your lace creations are beautiful. I have so much of that stuff. wish I could get creative as you with it.

  11. Ruby is gorgeous! Love her new outfit!
    Also, love your French chairs and stenciled seat covers on the Voila post! I have to say I have almost the exact same chair {also free} sitting in my family room waiting for me to finish the slipcover I'm making for the seat.
    Hope you have a great sale at the farm!
    ~ Julie

  12. <3 LOVE <3 Ruby and love your gorgeous photos darlin! xo

  13. I love Ruby, a full figure 'real' size Mannequin Gal... such a rare find and the name is perfect! I'm also loving what she's being fitted for.

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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