April 13, 2011

Will you be at the Na-da Farm Event?

I'm thrilled to say I WILL !
So, save the dates ... I'd LOVE to see YOU there...
click here for all event information.

I'm looking forward to visiting with old friends and making new ones.
Spending time on Anne Marie's farm out on the Illinois prairie.

{click calendar to enlarge}

Attending the boho ball on Friday night.

... and getting my hands on Fifi's newest book, Romantic Prairie Style .... and having her sign it for me!

Let me know if you're coming ... it will make it all that more exciting knowing who's going to be there, I hope it's YOU!



  1. I would love to come to this! Who knows maybe you will see me there!

  2. I'm jealous! But hope you have a ton of fun!!


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