June 2, 2011

Porch of the Month ... June

Seriously ... did you think I could forget "Porch of the Month?" ... Absolutely not! ... I'm still getting settled in after traveling for the past few weeks. So, my apologies for the itty-bitty delay .... but, I think you'll agree with me, this porch was worth the extra day of waiting!!

June's Porch of the Month is a portion of Becky's ... "mini-farm" in Louisiana, y'all KNOW Becky ... aka "Buckets of Burlap"... make sure to take notes, there's a lot of good ol' down home ideas here ... take a look while I let Becky narrate for herself:

{all photographs courtesy of homeowner}

"My style is what I like to call "vintage country farmhouse".  The old farmhouse, "barefoot country life" just speaks to me.  I am a flea market addict.  I enjoy searching through old, worn items, looking for a treasure.  Here on the porch, I use vintage wine buckets, old chippy shutters and furniture, and vintage clay pots to add that country farmhouse appeal.  Then I add textures with my favorite fabrics such as grain sacks, burlap, and old feed sacks.  I found the handmade potting bench at an antique store in a little local town.  Each piece has a story behind it, and it makes putting it all together much more fun."

"We have lived in our modular "farmhouse" for 5 years.  It stands in the middle of a pasture.  We really wanted an outdoor space to enjoy meals and evenings together.  So, over a period of 2 years, my talented husband built almost everything by hand....the deck, flower beds, farm table, and even the stone pathway.   I basically plant the flowers and hope they bloom.  Some of my favorite blooms are hydrangeas and lavender.  I believe my love for gardening came from my sweet mom (whom I miss dearly). Now we have an area that we can enjoy almost year-round, due to such warm weather. This is my favorite place to have a cup of coffee as the sun rises on the chicken coop.  When we have large parties or family events, our porch is the perfect gathering place.  It's so relaxing to sit here on the porch watching the kids play, while the hens and pigs wander the yard.  It's a very comfortable, peaceful place with a gorgeous view."

"My family is unique in that we are all redheads :)  My husband and I work from home and have 3 happy kids. We love living on our "mini-farm" of 16 acres in North Louisiana.
While we enjoy traveling on vacations or sport-event trips... our heart is at home.  We enjoy fishing together, riding dirt bikes, and caring for our small "barnyard" animals...
5 hens and 2  mini-pot-bellied pigs. We started a veggie and herb garden this year, and are learning more about homesteading."

After returning home from the open spaces of Nada farm and now {virtually} visiting with Becky and her piece of heaven in Louisiana, I'm longing for a little bit of the farm life of my own! How about you? Couldn't you just picture yourself on a long lazy day sippin' cold ice-tea on Becky's porch? Yep, me too!! 
Want to see more of Becky's Farmhouse style? Then take a peek here ... oh, and make sure you keep your notepad out!! After seeing the rest of Becky's home you are going to seriously want to re-do some things around your own home this weekend ... I just know it!!
And ... here is some more barnyard fun!

Thank you for allowing us a visit, Becky ... and keep us posted on how the garden fares this year!



  1. Such a beautiful place. I've been to southern Louisiana before, but never stopped long enough in northern. They have done a lot of nice work and it shows!

  2. Beautiful Louisiana porch and outdoor spaces...
    It all looks so inviting and comfy! Thanks for sharing Becky's home! :)

  3. You are the sweetest! Thanks so much for the feature, Jill! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see photos of your
    travels... wish I could have been with you all at Anne Marie's!
    I'm sure you were rockin those boots!
    Becky C

  4. Love the pig...& the barrels with the chalkboard strips with the names of the flowers or herbs written on them. Thanx for sharing! Tiff

  5. Oh..it's very pretty. Love the potting bench...I'm wanting one of those. Best part...cows or calves grazing just off the porch. The only thing I miss about living in a rural setting...cows. I love cows!

  6. I definitely agree with you, this porch is beautiful!

    hear you soon =)

  7. Great porch. Love that metal chair!!

  8. She has the touch doesn't she!!

  9. How lovely and so creative. I haven't got a porch but there's some ideas that I will pinch for my patio.

  10. It's wonderful, how fun to actually have all that livestock keeping you company out there on that relaxing porch! I could spend hours out there, and her potting bench is great!!
    xoxo Debra

  11. Especially like the potting bench - everything just looks so relaxed and summery!

  12. I LOVED her porch and photos!! ;) Rachel

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