August 3, 2011

Porch of the Month ... August

 Hey all! I have been super excited to share this month's featured porch with you ... and ... I purposely waited to post it on the first "White Wednesday" of the month.

Why? Because it is {drum roll, please} our very own Kathleen's porch!!  
Kathleen's porch has proved to be the perfect choice for these long hot dog days of August ... her white themed porch looks like just the right spot to sit and cool off for a while while visiting with a friend!
Tucked behind an enchanting garden lies a sweet spot of serenity ... come on up and I'll let Kathleen begin the tour ....
 {all photos courtesy of homeowner}

"A porch was a necessity when building our house since I had always dreamed of having one.  It is an area that is used by my whole family including our animals.  You can usually find the dogs napping here in the afternoons and the kitties love to snuggle on the cushions.  My girls also love to read out here......

I've had fun collecting items over the years including architectural pieces, statuary, birdhouses and urns. .....

 My favorite part of the porch is the metal loveseat and chairs, not only for their comfort, but they also hold a special meaning as well.  I bought them from a friendly lady who owned a junk shop close to my home that I would frequent often.  She died of cancer a couple years ago and I really miss stopping in to visit with her.

I like to fill my pots every year with different annuals and the wisteria is finally grown up enough to provide a nice amount of shade. ....

The perfect place to relax on a warm evening and read a good book or browse through the latest Jeanne d' Arc magazine."

So, there you have it ... don't you feel just a few degrees cooler already? I do!
I have to extend a really big thank you  {plus hugs and kisses} to Kathleen at Faded Charm for not only sharing her porch with all of us this month, but for also inspiring us EVERY week with a bounty of "white"!

Kathleen has also inspired me to do a new purse in white ... here's a little sneak peek

I'm thinking it's about time for a little ol' white giveaway...
I'll be revealing the details on Friday over at

Enjoy all the warm sunshine!


  1. Hi Jill...What a gorgeous porch, so serene and welcoming looking... I would love to sit there in quiet solitude and just sip my coffee and daydream... LOVE your new purse in white!... you are getting even more creative (if that is possible!) and your purses are just fabulous! sigh... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Jill!!

    Jen Rizzo is doing a big giveaway day thingy at her blog tomorrow - you should enter!

    (p.s. talk soon)

  3. Do you think Kathleen would notice me if I snuck up on her porch and lurked for the rest of the summer?!

    THAT is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  4. That is a sweet porch Jill. I've missed reading your blog. Already loving that purse :):) Smiles, Susie

  5. Gosh what a gorgeous place to sit and relax. Love all of the pretty details. Thank you so much for sharing it with us:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Hey Jill! I enjoyed everything about Kathleen's porch! Gorgeous, with great ideas :) That cabinet is so perfectly white and chippy.
    And love that purse.

  7. love the porch! thanx for sharing your ideas. tiffany

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my porch for August Jill. I love how your post turned out with all the wording fitting each photo. And your purse is amazing!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  9. wonderful house! love, @nne

  10. Who needgs to go inside the house when you have a beautiful porch like that!!

    Hmmm...Wonder how she added that number to the galvazined pot???

    Thanks for hosting Jill...

  11. Kathleen has such a great eye. Really enjoyed seeing her beautiful porch again. Happy late Wednesday to you.

  12. What a gorgeous porch! Simply divine. I also wanted to let you know that I "treasured" one of your bags on Etsy today... check it out :)

  13. so beautiful, just as i would expect it to be.



  14. Peaceful, and charmed by enough old!

    I could sit for hours taking it all in, while letting the over growth tell me there story :)

    Thank you for sharing an inspiring porch!

  15. What a gorgeous collection of stuff! So well displayed. Of course I love that it's all white!

  16. Down here in Texas, we like to put our crazy relatives out on the front porch for all to see. With a porch as beautiful as Kathleen's to sit on...I do believe I'd be joining 'em!

  17. Thank's so much for sharing Kathellen's gorgeous porch with us. I just love her architectural pieces and how evrything comes together so beautifully!

  18. Kathleen sure knows how to show off her wonderful whites...just beautiful!

  19. Kathleen's porch is not only beautiful but it is absolutely inviting.


  20. I love Kathleen's porch! And I love that purse!

  21. That is perfection in porches!! Absolutely beautiful, and your pictures do it justice indeed! Love the purse too!


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