August 28, 2011

Wondrous Strange

Wondrous and Strange ... 
in more than one way ..
this past week I have experienced an earthquake, a fire, and a hurricane...
each wondrous and strange in their own right, none I want to repeat.
However ...
My fourth encounter with the wondrous and strange I embraced with open arms ... this by chance pairing was a welcomed one.
Meet my Bead Soup Blog Party swap partner, Dorcas from

 Take a peek at her wonderful handmade beads she creates ... below is a package she put together especially for me to create with!!
 Dorcas uses a richly textured and colored Raku glaze on her beads. The colors are just stunning and even better in person!
 She even makes her own little frozen Charlotte dolls ... and wings ... and leaves ... if you would like to create with such items, you can find a bevy of treasures on her Etsy shop for yourself.

 How pretty are these bundles of silk ribbons? The possibilities are endless ... I have to admit, I'm nervous that I'm not going to do her artisan beads justice ... but I sure am going to have fun trying!!
 This is my first year playing along and joining the BSBP ... hosted yearly by Lori Anderson ... this lady deserves some sort of medal organizing OVER 360 participants ... that is a lot of work!! Thank you Lori!
You can visit all the participants here.
Below is what I sent over to Dorcas to create with.
Quite different than what she is used to, ya think?!
I hope she likes working with a bundle of my found gypsy treasures.
I think this is the most fun,challenging, and rewarding part of the party ... reaching outside your "familiar" box and working with items you would normally not try.
Well, I'm ready and up for the challenge.
Wish me luck!
and THANK YOU Dorcas for sending such beauty to me and willing me to stretch my creative imagination ; )
One last note to Mother Nature ... thank you for showing me your force and beauty, but that's enough already!!



  1. Hello Jill,
    Beautiful beads! The colors are stunning. I am sure you will be putting them to good use. I agree, Mother Nature is not one to mess around with. I live in Long Island, NY. It was a wild and crazy ride. Glad that Irene has left us, thank goodness we are all safe :) Have a wonderful week.

  2. What beautiful treasures...And what a fabulous swap,would love to see the finished creations that you ladies make :)
    ...........X Manda X...........

  3. Everything is lovely! I thought of the word enchanting when I saw the silk ribbons! Enjoy creating with these beautiful things! ♥

  4. I am the lucky one in this swap!!! Oh such treasures that you sent...getting ready to post photos now...but wanted to thank you for your kind words of enthusiasm!!! What better words can a creative soul hear:) Your wonderful offerings have already inspired several designs today...and I have not even touched your sparklies!!! Still dreaming and planning how best to show them off! Thanks so much My Sweets!!!

    Glad you came though your wondrous strange triple hitter week in one piece:)

  5. glad you are ok jill. never doubt your creative gift, looks like you both received a wonderful gift!



  6. Helloooo Jill...
    Sooooo glad you survived "Mother Nature"!!! Can't wait to SEE what lovely creations develop with all the pretties... Wish we lived closer!*!*!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!


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