September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party !!

My first bead soup and what fun it's been! 
I had the luck of the draw to be paired with Dorcas of "Wondrous Strange Designs" ... she creates the most beautiful beads. You can see HERE what she sent me in our exchange....and you can see below what I have created with my treasures for today's party.
The focal point is a marriage of two clay pieces hand made by Dorcas.
The frozen Charlotte is so dear and the colors in the raku glaze are amazing, it appears to change color depending on the light and from which direction you are looking at it.
I added my own piece of antique lace behind the Charlotte to create a place of attachment for two more of Dorcas' creations ... a single wing and a leaf ... I also embellished with additional ribbons, pulling more of the necklaces primary color hues together.
For even more sparkle and interest, I added my signature touch of vintage rhinestones here and there.
I like the juxtaposition of the earthy clay beads with the crystals and rhinestones.
My bead swap package included some lovely silk {I believe to be sari?} ribbons .. in gorgeous lavenders and golds. I desperately wanted to use them in a "new to me" way in my design ... I wasn't quite sure what to do until I found THIS tutorial. BINGO! I turned my silk ribbon into wire wrapped links.
This bead soup exchange was a terrific way for me to challenge myself and stretch my imagination. I had the pleasure of working with beads created from another artist's hands and spirit, that's a pretty special feeling ... Dorcas was so generous with what she has gifted me with in this swap. I have enough beads left to do another piece of jewelry ... I'm thinking of doing a bracelet next. 
Thank you dear Dorcas!!
Dorcas has an Etsy shop FULL of more beautiful designs ... you can take a look at all of them HERE.
    And when you're done looking there make sure you look HERE.
Because there are about 360 MORE bead soup participants to check out!! Our hostess, Lori Anderson, of "Pretty Things", is one incredible party organizer ... I can't even imagine the hundreds of hours she has devoted to this party ... Lori THANK YOU for making this fun party a reality for all of us.

Have a wonderful weekend ... You can find me hopping around in Bead Soup all weekend!


September 13, 2011

Salvaging treasures .......

I spent this past weekend salvaging treasures ... from my own studio.
Didn't hit one flea market or estate sale.
Didn't have to.
I have a Gypsy's stash of treasure right here.

I'm starting to prepare for my jewelry class at "Art on the Farm" ... a Nada event.
That means pulling together an amazing class "kit" for each student ... I want everyone to feel as though they have just unearthed something magical to create with ....

  I've harvested vintage and antique rhinestone clasps from piles of pearls ...... these are gorgeous, each one unique!
There is so much to sift thru ... many vintage jewelry boxes full of possibilities .... 
Forgotten cigar boxes loaded with rhinestones to sort ... brooches, shoe clips, cameos, crystals, watch parts, souvenirs.
Interesting old keys ... just waiting for embellishment in their afterlife.

Organizing and compiling ...
I haven't even ventured up to the attic.
That's the place to gather antique tin types and photographs,
plus vintage millinery, scraps of lace, and ephemera ...
all to be fashioned into art ... made by YOU!
I am so looking forward to class and sharing this time together.

To those of you that have already registered, I'll be sending an e-mail out soon with more class prep suggestions.

To those of you that haven't signed up yet and are thinking about it ... don't hesitate. Registration is required and there are a limited number of seats. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me

You can register HERE

You can also register for MORE art classes on the farm by Jen and Jeanne .... These gals are teaching some uber cool mixed media art classes ... don't miss out and save your seat early ; )

Happy salvaging!

September 5, 2011

Class is OPEN for registration ...

Happy Labor day!
I hope you all are enjoying yourselves and celebrating the end of summer with family and friends!!
School starts tomorrow and I've been working on my own class ...

I've been spending the past few days gathering ALL the information for my upcoming Jewelry class at Art on the Farm, a Nada event. I hope this post answers the many questions that have been arriving in my mailbox about class ... Registration is now open here!

You’re invited to join me for class ...
On October 7th between 4pm and 7pm class will be held on the prairie in a peaceful setting of the old barn. Upon entering each person will receive a Salvaged Treasure jewelry “kit”  … a treasure trove containing various found objects and reclaimed pretties to make an enchanting necklace or bracelet, plus a pair of earrings. Each kit will be carefully culled from my own personal stash of salvaged treasures and will contain more than enough items to create your jewelry with, no two kits will be the same.  An example of what your kit may contain …. brass locket, skeleton key, antique buttons, vintage rhinestones, old rosaries beads, crosses, cameo, vintage beads, various ephemera, shoe clips, antique watch parts, tin types, pearls … really the list and possibilities are endless, all discarded and forgotten treasures have wonderful potential {your kit will also contain wire and findings}… everyone will leave with their own unique piece of wearable art!
This class is well suited for ANY level of experience you may or may not have in jewelry making. ALL are welcomed, from beginners to advance! We will have fun creating and relaxing together, plus munchies and admission to Nada’s opening shopping night are included in your class.
I encourage you to bring your own salvaged treasures to class … incorporating your own sentimental pieces and interesting found objects will make your jewelry even more special. Great places to treasure hunt are: flea markets, estate sales, antique malls, thrift shops, and your grandmother’s old jewelry box … oh, and don’t forget what your grandfather may have lurking in the basement in those old glass jars, this is a super place to unearth rusty objects likes keys and hardware. Textiles can also be used in jewelry making, think tattered laces, scraps of cloth, or vintage seam binding. Use your imagination!
In class, I will help you with the design process of your piece, giving you ideas and suggestions. You’ll then learn how to wire wrap, connect, and oxidize metals. Incase you have an item without a hole to attach to your piece, I’ll also have my drill with me and we can work on that as well. You’ll learn how to incorporate the unexpected into your jewelry … making it a personal statement piece.
I will have some extra treasures for you to hunt through for sale as well … you may just find something that speaks to you and can’t live without!
Supplies you’ll need to bring with you:
Jewelry pliers, round nose and flat nose {two flat nose, if you have}
Wire cutters, preferably flush cutters
Any additional salvaged treasures {the more the better}
Additional link chain, can be old or new and clasps, findings
i m a g i n a t i o n  

Register early, seating is limited and will be reserved in order of payment.
if you have any additional questions please feel free to drop me a note at:

I hope to see you in class!

September 1, 2011


Girls, girls, girls ... you knocked my socks off with this giveaway!!
Your comments were the best ... thank you everyone and I mean EVERYONE ... there were over 200 entries.
Okay, I know get on with it ... the winner is:

Congratulations Cat!!
Drop me an email
with your mailing address so that I can get your new purse out in the mail to you!

Cat is a new follower of mine and I thought you guys would like to read her comment, this gal is a hoot!

"Oh my oh my...smack my pappy!!! This is the best darn giveaway evah!!! ok pleeez oh pleez enter this kitten in your fab-u-less giveaway...i've just gotta have this bag...leopard are you kidding thats this kittens favorite color!!!!! tee hee...;0) thanks so much Cat"

Stop by and say congrats to Cat ... I think she's gonna rock this bag good!!

Watch for more giveaways coming up and thanks again!


ps.Porch of the month will be posted a bit later today ... make sure you come back, it's a goodie