September 13, 2011

Salvaging treasures .......

I spent this past weekend salvaging treasures ... from my own studio.
Didn't hit one flea market or estate sale.
Didn't have to.
I have a Gypsy's stash of treasure right here.

I'm starting to prepare for my jewelry class at "Art on the Farm" ... a Nada event.
That means pulling together an amazing class "kit" for each student ... I want everyone to feel as though they have just unearthed something magical to create with ....

  I've harvested vintage and antique rhinestone clasps from piles of pearls ...... these are gorgeous, each one unique!
There is so much to sift thru ... many vintage jewelry boxes full of possibilities .... 
Forgotten cigar boxes loaded with rhinestones to sort ... brooches, shoe clips, cameos, crystals, watch parts, souvenirs.
Interesting old keys ... just waiting for embellishment in their afterlife.

Organizing and compiling ...
I haven't even ventured up to the attic.
That's the place to gather antique tin types and photographs,
plus vintage millinery, scraps of lace, and ephemera ...
all to be fashioned into art ... made by YOU!
I am so looking forward to class and sharing this time together.

To those of you that have already registered, I'll be sending an e-mail out soon with more class prep suggestions.

To those of you that haven't signed up yet and are thinking about it ... don't hesitate. Registration is required and there are a limited number of seats. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me

You can register HERE

You can also register for MORE art classes on the farm by Jen and Jeanne .... These gals are teaching some uber cool mixed media art classes ... don't miss out and save your seat early ; )

Happy salvaging!


  1. Jill, these are just lovely. I'm a bit bummed that I can't go to your class and make a special piece from these treasures.

    Maybe you could do an online class for those of us not lucky enough to afford the travel.....?

  2. You better not leave that stash unattended....

  3. Love your stash, Jill! And I thought I had a lot. I'm going to show the Mr. yours just to get him off my back! ;)

    So wish I could take your class -- it looks amazing! Sign me up for a local one!

  4. Wish I could attend. I live in NY. Sure you'll have a blast with your class. They're going to be very lucky to be taught by you.

  5. I am fair drooling over all that treasure.

  6. oh my, the jewels are all so gorgeous! enjoy!!!! xoxo

  7. I am so ready. I wish I could go...
    where DO you get all your treasures Girl? My goodness! I wanna come play in your attic!
    Have a wonderful time!
    Hugs! Karen

  8. Wow what treasure! Oh please, an online class for those of us so far away??

  9. Ahhh such a pitty that I cant join you - that stash looks sooo good!

  10. Oh my...looks like jewelry heaven!
    I second an online class!

  11. My heart is beating very fast right now. I am drooling over all those pearl bracelets and those rhinestones OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    I want all of them


  12. How could you forget about that stash?? Love it wish I was close enough to take the class, beautiful! Laura Cottage and Broome

  13. Whoah! WOW! what loads of beautiful sparkling gypsy treasures! Unbelievable....lucky duck! LOL

  14. So. Very. Jealous. of your stash! Gorgeous!


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