September 1, 2011


Girls, girls, girls ... you knocked my socks off with this giveaway!!
Your comments were the best ... thank you everyone and I mean EVERYONE ... there were over 200 entries.
Okay, I know get on with it ... the winner is:

Congratulations Cat!!
Drop me an email
with your mailing address so that I can get your new purse out in the mail to you!

Cat is a new follower of mine and I thought you guys would like to read her comment, this gal is a hoot!

"Oh my oh my...smack my pappy!!! This is the best darn giveaway evah!!! ok pleeez oh pleez enter this kitten in your fab-u-less giveaway...i've just gotta have this bag...leopard are you kidding thats this kittens favorite color!!!!! tee hee...;0) thanks so much Cat"

Stop by and say congrats to Cat ... I think she's gonna rock this bag good!!

Watch for more giveaways coming up and thanks again!


ps.Porch of the month will be posted a bit later today ... make sure you come back, it's a goodie


  1. Congratulations to Cat. BTW...have you seen her canned ham...2die4!

  2. Congratulations to the winner!

  3. congrats cat!

  4. Oh girly...congrats to the lucky winner! You are so kind and generous!



  5. Congrats Cat...I am utterly green with envy!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful bags. I love your blog and all your posts!

  6. WoooooWEeeeee! I am the winner winner chicken dinner!!!! my oh my thank you darlin' gal!

    Oh yes gals...let me tell ya i am totally doin' my beauty queen waive in the back of a lipstick red covertable!!!...yes yes look at me i am the winner of this darn adorable bag!!! Thanks kitten! i will be emailin' ya...yehaw!!!!

  7. Congrats to the winner winner chicken dinner! Doesn't she sound like FUN? ♥♥♥

  8. Hi dear! Congratulations to the lucky winner and to you, dear, for the lovely and marvelous candy you shared with us! I confess I was dreaming about it! :))) God bless and have a wonderful time! :D

  9. Congratulations Cat what a beautiful win!!
    Jill your work is fabulous, your winner will just be beside her gypsy self when she receives it in the mail!

    See you soon! Thank you for such a beautiful GiveAway Chance to all of us in blog land.


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