October 11, 2011

Porch ofthe Month ... October

 Happy October and welcome all! 
This edition of Porch of the Month is pretty special to me...this month I'm featuring my dear friend Beth's front porch. 
Do you know someone that possesses a "magic touch?" ... I do. Beth. 
She never fails to amaze me with her creativity that flows endlessly! Whatever this lady rest her hands upon truly turns magical. 
The only scary part? 
I think I've seen her nose "twitch" a few times during some of her decorating transformations!
{all photos courtesy of homeowner}
Take a look at what Beth has done to her space for the Fall {her favorite time of year} ... I'll let her take it from here:

 "I'm so excited to be featured on Jill's porch of the month and to share little bit about my porch...    
I can only imagine in 125 years how many souls have climbed the steps and crossed the planks to enter the threshold of my old wooden house and how many different faces, generations of spiders and critters, styles , paint changes, flooring changes, railing changes, additions and  subtractions this old porch has seen.   However, the one thing I'm SURE has stayed the same is, it's warm inviting spirit. 
 For some reason even on the hottest of days  there's always a refreshing  breeze blowing by the porch posts,we've always wondered exactly why that is?  It's magical.....makes you just want to "sit a spell" any time of year....

...for example; take any given autumn day, a hot cup of tea and a good magazine and you'll find yourself stretched out and relaxed right on the front porch.  So sit with me and take a load off your feet and off your mind.......welcome to my porch.

 Sounds perfect to me! Here's something fun to note ... Beth's last name is "Fisher" ... now go on back and take a second look at all of the photos a little closer ... can you spot a subtle theme here on the porch and in the garden?

 Make sure you stop by Beth's place for a visit and then make sure you don't miss any of her special creations that she lends her magic talent to, like those scrumptious soldered bottles above ... currently she's working on the most amazing art dolls.

Thank you Beth!


  1. very nice porch

  2. wow...what an inspriation. just beautiful

  3. Oh My....a whole lotta love went in to decorating this porch for fall...I love it all and really like her sweet house!! Thanks for sharing....Cathy aka GGJ

  4. What a great porch and what a beautiful rocker. There's just something about pumpkins on a porch. So plump and colourful they just pull everything together.


  5. What a lovely porch! Looks the perfect place to have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a wonderful autumn day :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing - Beths' work is amazing isn't it!

  7. Love it. The old wicker is wonderful!

  8. Holy smoke but this is gorgeous. Even the dirt is an accessory to the fact!

  9. OMG Beth's place is absolutely amazing. I love it all. Her place should be in a magazine. Thanks for sharing. I sure do miss seeing y'all in Texas. I hope you'll come back soon :)

  10. Greetings from Southern California.

    Have a Nice Day. :-)

  11. Really inspiring to see a well loved home! Kudos to Beth!

  12. It is VERY inviting!!! I love all the old pieces you used and the colors are so pretty for fall. I bet you change it out often don't you? Lovely Jill!!!

  13. beth's porch is perfection. i love the wicker and that rocker is so fabulous! what a cozy spot for reading or sipping a favorite drink. when can i come by beth?




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