October 15, 2011

Weekend plans?

Do you have any?

I'll be spending Sunday with my partner Beth at one of my most favorite markets in Philadelphia, 

We will have "shop" set up under our tent selling our Gypsy wares.
The weather promises to be PERFECT ...   
a sunny, cool, and crisp Fall day!

{all photographs by Carrie Hill photography }
Here are some snapshots from last month's market.

What I like best about this market is the MIX of vendors and goods ... you can find it ALL here, no matter what your style ... the range is from mid-century modern to shabby chic ... retro to handcrafted.
Not to mention great food and live bluegrass music.

After a week in the country, it feels good to have my feet back on the city sidewalks of Philly ... I hope you'll come on out and pay us a visit, it's a great day for the entire family!



  1. Jill that looks like an awesome market!! I am loving seeing pictures of it! I wish I lived closer ~

  2. always nice with markets..u can find treasures...

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    This weekend I'll be cleaning, paying bills, taking loads of stuff to the recycling center, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! And maybe I will have time to finish a certain necklace that is misbehaving.

    Enjoy the market!

  4. Oh I would love to visit... the "markets" here are all so Americana and southern... I need me some Shabby Chic!!!! :)

  5. What fun! Your shop looks amazing! :) Wish I were close enough to come browse!

  6. looks like a fabulous time, jill!

  7. Hey girl! I'm from Philly....wish I could be there!


  8. Hi Jill... and thanks so much for visiting me tonight!... can you tell how much I LOVE my Prairie belt buckle??? I looked at your Etsy shop, wow, your bags are almost all sold!... I am still lobbying for one from Jack for Christmas, hope you are making more!... xoxo Julie Marie


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