November 26, 2011

Special 3 day weekend sale !!

Did you shop yesterday? 
We'll if you did and spent most of your budget ... I've got some good news!
New gypsy jewelry is ready and listed on ETSY .... and ... it's on sale, for three days only.
Today, tomorrow and Monday take 30% off EVERY item.

It's easy, use code: 3DAY30
when checking out.


I'm off to the holiday parade ... I'll be listing more when I return ; )


November 9, 2011

White love .......

A few more snapshots from this past weekend scrounging through shops in Pennsylvania.
I thought these were perfect for White Wednesday.

If I had to pick just ONE item from above to take home with me .......
It would be a tough decision.
I think I would choose the chippy cow weather vane.
No, wait ...
Those metal white and rusty lockers.
Or maybe .....
The cow statue ..... perfect for the kitchen on top the cabinets.
What would you take home, if you could only pick ONE?

Happy white Wednesday and thank you Kathleen for a wonderful party!

November 8, 2011

Are you in the mood? ...

For a little  A LOT of architectural salvage? 
Okay, you asked for it!

I was tipped off to this little HUGE gem of a place this past week and managed one quick stop.

I didn't get to do any shopping, only picture taking ... 
but, I'll be going back real soon with work gloves and a truck .... Take a look and you'll see why:

{no narration needed ... the photos will speak for themselves}
Yeah !! ... that's what I'm talking about!!

Okay, I KNOW many will ask ... and well, I hate to admit I can be stingy with my sources ... 
but, considering someone sweet was nice enough to tip me off to this salvage meca .... I'll pass along the info ; )

You too can be in architectural heaven at:

Antique connection
1200 Limestone Road
Oxford, Pennsylvania


November 6, 2011

Do you know "Terrain"? ...

Not too many do.

 Terrain is an over the top inspirational garden shop and cafe'.
It's full name is Terrain at Styer's and is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia ... so, if you're not 'local' you may not know Terrain.
I don't get to visit this shopping spot much, but I had to pass by it SIX times this weekend in order to get to the barn sale I was doing ... so, I just had to pop in once for a quick peek and take some quick pics to share with you ....
Very cool lighting created from miscellaneous objects.

 Not only do they 'do' garden ... but also a little indoor "landscaping" if you will ...
gorgeous table settings and furniture.

Fires dot the outside ... plenty of spots to warm your hands up .....
  they even provide toasty wool blankets to wrap yourself in ...
 The mix of live plants with one of a kind vintage garden ware goes on row after endless row...
 Baskets brimming with birch logs, glittered branches, and fluffy white twigs of cotton ....
 shelves and bins stocked with various outdoor goodies ....
 the cafe is adorable .... a great place where they hold workshops and events.
Another thing you may not know ... the genius behind the inspiration at Terrain? ... Urban outfitters, parent company of Anthropologie ... but I guess all you Anthro lovers {me included} spotted that right off the bat!

That's all the photos I was brave enough to take ... if you want to check out some more of this fab garden store, take a look at the Pinterest board I created from other's fine photos HERE.

Wishing you an inspired week!