November 6, 2011

Do you know "Terrain"? ...

Not too many do.

 Terrain is an over the top inspirational garden shop and cafe'.
It's full name is Terrain at Styer's and is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia ... so, if you're not 'local' you may not know Terrain.
I don't get to visit this shopping spot much, but I had to pass by it SIX times this weekend in order to get to the barn sale I was doing ... so, I just had to pop in once for a quick peek and take some quick pics to share with you ....
Very cool lighting created from miscellaneous objects.

 Not only do they 'do' garden ... but also a little indoor "landscaping" if you will ...
gorgeous table settings and furniture.

Fires dot the outside ... plenty of spots to warm your hands up .....
  they even provide toasty wool blankets to wrap yourself in ...
 The mix of live plants with one of a kind vintage garden ware goes on row after endless row...
 Baskets brimming with birch logs, glittered branches, and fluffy white twigs of cotton ....
 shelves and bins stocked with various outdoor goodies ....
 the cafe is adorable .... a great place where they hold workshops and events.
Another thing you may not know ... the genius behind the inspiration at Terrain? ... Urban outfitters, parent company of Anthropologie ... but I guess all you Anthro lovers {me included} spotted that right off the bat!

That's all the photos I was brave enough to take ... if you want to check out some more of this fab garden store, take a look at the Pinterest board I created from other's fine photos HERE.

Wishing you an inspired week!


  1. Hi Jill... oooh I could just sit there by that firepit all day as long as I had a cozy wool blanket and a hot cup of coffee... love that place! I wish we had places like that around here... I am such a Nature lover and gardener, I know I would go crazy!... thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. OMGoodness Jill! As soon as you said it I saw it. It's so me, I love an eclectic outdoor area. Do they have other shops? I will google it.

  3. Wow I see some lovely stuff..stunning!! And those lampshades on y our previeus post are gorgeous!

    xoxo Rozmeen

  4. OMGoodness Jill! This place is magical! I would to visit there! Awesome!

  5. JUST my type of store, I swear!

  6. oh I m so happy to found your blog, it s fantastic, have a safety time, big hugh Kathrin

  7. Nothing like this in Florida! I wish I could just sit in this little cafe! Love it!

  8. What beautiful old shabby finds, great whites! I adore those wreaths! Good thing I live far away from that site, but thanks for sharing with us!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  9. I get their online catalog emailed to me but had no idea there was such an incredible brick and mortar store. Wowza.


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