February 23, 2012

Anyone know where I can find a market?

I'm getting ready to go !!

The first itching for Spring I get is the longing for the open air flea market ... and since the temperature is going to be in the 60's here in NJ today and since my favorite flea is held on Thursday, well let's just say I got the bug good !!

I think it may be even worse this year because I am so excited to use my "new" cart.
Last month I found this vintage basket at the thrift store for a VERY low price ... at home I had some leftover canvas drop cloths. I used black acrylic paint to stencil my cloths with some French lettering and numerals {which so happen to be my birthday!}

 I sewed everything together, included some inside pockets for my small treasures and added simple ties.

 I didn't bother to mend any of the holes my cloth already had ... I think they add a touch of authentic character to the liner!

I still want to add some more details but basically I'm ready to roll with my new vintage wheels !

Have a great weekend everyone ... maybe I'll see you at the flea?


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February 21, 2012

Porcelain whites ...

Happy white Wednesday everyone.
This time around I'm sharing a few of my favorite 
white on white pics ...
I can never get my fill of these little German beauties.

Although they are all exactly the same ... they each appear so individual and unique .... how is that?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, I'll see you at Kathleen's place !


February 17, 2012

Finding the lovely ...

... at Ikea?! ... Yes!!

Last Friday night we had the best "family date night" surprisingly at Ikea !!

We had been out all day looking at materials for kitchen counter tops ... pretty exhausted but pushed on to try one more spot. It was dinner time so we hit the Ikea restaurant first ~ we hardly do dinner out anymore, due to money constraints, but the prices here are excellent and we "splurged" for the $3.99 Swedish meatball dinner. The dinner bill for three people ... UNDER $12 bucks ... we ate with our maps of the store and made a plan ... even the Gypsy Prince got involved.

The store is huge !! 

It was a lot of fun looking at all of the displays set up ... I could have moved right into a few of them ; )

The little guy did get tired after the first hour but was revived with an hour of play in the drop-off (supervised) play area ... yeah! FREE babysitting for an hour of uninterrupted shopping browsing.

... and the best part, I FINALLY found what I'll be using for my new kitchen counter tops!!

I'm linking up my little slice of lovely at Jeanne's today, stop on by.


{ps.who knew? ... meatballs and free babysitting could make a girl so happy?}

February 10, 2012

Finding the Lovely ...

Another week has flown by, seriously just like the blink of the eye it's Friday!
I'm playing along again today with the new party "Finding the Lovely" hosted by Jeanne and Kimberly {thanks girls!}
Since I've been working a lot this week ... like last week, I'm rummaging through my older photo files looking for something to share. 
What is challenging about this party for me is finding myself "present" or "in the moment" or "having fun" !! 
I tend to hide behind the camera and take the photos ... I do NOT like to have my picture taken ; )

I found my "lovely" for an entire week last spring in the paradise land of Costa Rica in Central America.

This was the first ALONE trip my husband and I took since our honeymoon ... we explored a bit, but spent the majority of the time lounging poolside. Oh, and eating and drinking ... this was also our first ALL-INCLUSIVE trip since our honeymoon ... yeah, I came back a few pounds heavier than when I left and the weight wasn't in my suitcase!

 The country of Costa Rica was gorgeous and so diverse.
Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
Rain forests
And the wildlife was a sight to see...
Tropical birds
All of this plus the friendly local people and the new friends we made ... made it a trip of a lifetime!

Please join me at the party today ... I'd like to see photos of what your "lovely" is.


ps. The wild pig I'm petting in the one photo is not dead ... 
she was enjoying belly rubs from all the tourist ; )

February 3, 2012

Finding the Lovely ......

I'm up waaaaayyyyy too early this morning ..... 
I'll be asleep tonite by 7pm {on a Friday!}
Anyway ... as usual, I grabbed my first {of four} cup of coffee and settled down at the computer to check out my favorite blogs. 
I always start at my blog roll that I have posted on my blog and the first one up with me this am was Jeanne Oliver and she was already wide-eyed, bushy tailed, AND launching a NEW party ... she really knows how to kick off a weekend!!

I LOVE the concept of this new party ... it's all about finding the loveliness that you are surrounded with day in and day out ... plus, you need to catch yourself in the moment....HAVE FUN...and share them here at the party each Friday.

Since this is the first week, Jeanne suggested going back thru some photos you may already have and share those.

I have so many things that I have documented and wanted to share here with you ... but have never gotten around to doing so. Then, I always feel when I do have the time it's too late ... like who wants to see summer vacation pictures in the dead of winter {if you want to see them at all!} ... I've been wanting to "catch-up" on some things that have been going on around here ... it's not all business ... I do stop and PLAY.

So, for today's link-up I made a little collage of my sweet Gypsy Prince experiencing some of our highlights this past year together and some of our plain ordinary days spent at the playground.
When I'm relaxing with my family and hanging out with my Prince is when I'm truly "finding my lovely" ...

We had a year full of "Firsts" ...... 
first day of Kindergarten
first ride on a pony
first lost tooth
first cooking class
first year of soccer
first time tubing on the lake
and more.

These are all such wonderful memories for me ... thank you for allowing me to share them with you ; )
and thank you Jeanne for hosting the latest and greatest {as is your usual style!}

Have a wonderful weekend ..
Finding your Lovely!
and make sure you visit HERE to share today.


February 1, 2012

Porch of theMonth ....February

Hello all and welcome back to Porch of the Month ... a monthly feature of inspiration for your porches! 

I've missed posting this feature for the past few months ... but I'm happy to share with you a sweet and romantic porch this time around. 

This month we will explore not only ONE but, THREE spaces in the "Blessings" household. That would be Polly and Steve {and family} of the "French Cupboard"an on-line shopping site and Polly's own blog "Counting your Blessings".

First up on the tour is the upstairs sleeping porch.
How sweet are these vintage apron 'curtains' hanging on a clothesline?
{all photos courtesy of homeowner}
Polly has creating the most charming space on the second floor ..... cheerful vintage country quilts mix with brightly painted old schoolhouse furniture ... a perfect place to nap high up in the tree tops.

I can imagine sleeping here all night listening to the crickets and feeling the summer breeze.
 Heading downstairs ..... behind the French doors you'll find the second sleeping porch or sunporch... actually this space that is located directly off the dining room has amazing light and is used most of the time as a creative haven for Polly and her family. It's also used as a staging area when Polly is getting ready to attend a large show to sell her romantic farm inspired wares.

A very special spot to design and test out new projects on antique and vintage mannequins !!
Wouldn't you love to play?
I know I would!

Notice the pretty paper garland used as a valence above the windows? Polly shares her tutorial HERE.

Creative spaces are tucked around each corner ....

... to work on pretties such as this sweet Valentine's tussy.
Even a space carved out to sew.....
And third, outside on the ground level ... how about a deck/porch made completely of pallets?
I hope Polly will share more of her pretty pallet porch this spring or summer ... until that time you can check out how she and Mr.Blessings did this project HERE.
I've enjoyed sharing the "Blessing's family" porches with you ... stop by and say hello to Polly and Steve and to spend some more time surrounded by their creative talent!

Love you two!!