February 3, 2012

Finding the Lovely ......

I'm up waaaaayyyyy too early this morning ..... 
I'll be asleep tonite by 7pm {on a Friday!}
Anyway ... as usual, I grabbed my first {of four} cup of coffee and settled down at the computer to check out my favorite blogs. 
I always start at my blog roll that I have posted on my blog and the first one up with me this am was Jeanne Oliver and she was already wide-eyed, bushy tailed, AND launching a NEW party ... she really knows how to kick off a weekend!!

I LOVE the concept of this new party ... it's all about finding the loveliness that you are surrounded with day in and day out ... plus, you need to catch yourself in the moment....HAVE FUN...and share them here at the party each Friday.

Since this is the first week, Jeanne suggested going back thru some photos you may already have and share those.

I have so many things that I have documented and wanted to share here with you ... but have never gotten around to doing so. Then, I always feel when I do have the time it's too late ... like who wants to see summer vacation pictures in the dead of winter {if you want to see them at all!} ... I've been wanting to "catch-up" on some things that have been going on around here ... it's not all business ... I do stop and PLAY.

So, for today's link-up I made a little collage of my sweet Gypsy Prince experiencing some of our highlights this past year together and some of our plain ordinary days spent at the playground.
When I'm relaxing with my family and hanging out with my Prince is when I'm truly "finding my lovely" ...

We had a year full of "Firsts" ...... 
first day of Kindergarten
first ride on a pony
first lost tooth
first cooking class
first year of soccer
first time tubing on the lake
and more.

These are all such wonderful memories for me ... thank you for allowing me to share them with you ; )
and thank you Jeanne for hosting the latest and greatest {as is your usual style!}

Have a wonderful weekend ..
Finding your Lovely!
and make sure you visit HERE to share today.



  1. Oh, the joys of a mama of boys - of which I have four... They are truly princes, aren't they? Thanks for sharing your photos! Hope to see you next week~



  2. I too like to wear my underwear on my head...it's such a fashion statement! Not everyone can get away with it, but he looks precious.
    What am I saying...he is precious and it's a wonder you get anything done. I'd lose a crop having fun and playing with him! He looks like a pip!!!

  3. so glad you pulled from the archives of the year. you have to share those sweet memories! thanks for sharing.

  4. what fun photos! I am already inspired today to be taking more photos for next weeks post! Thanks for coming by my blog for a visit! you have a lovely blog and an lovely little prince!

  5. What a wonderful idea! And I love the photo you shared.

  6. Love these photos and so glad you shared some older ones! Can't wait to see your photo next week too. Thanks for playing.

  7. Beautiful post. I really like the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jill, Your prince is adorable. Squeeze him every chance you get, he is growing before your eyes.xoxo, Susie(She Junks)


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