February 10, 2012

Finding the Lovely ...

Another week has flown by, seriously just like the blink of the eye it's Friday!
I'm playing along again today with the new party "Finding the Lovely" hosted by Jeanne and Kimberly {thanks girls!}
Since I've been working a lot this week ... like last week, I'm rummaging through my older photo files looking for something to share. 
What is challenging about this party for me is finding myself "present" or "in the moment" or "having fun" !! 
I tend to hide behind the camera and take the photos ... I do NOT like to have my picture taken ; )

I found my "lovely" for an entire week last spring in the paradise land of Costa Rica in Central America.

This was the first ALONE trip my husband and I took since our honeymoon ... we explored a bit, but spent the majority of the time lounging poolside. Oh, and eating and drinking ... this was also our first ALL-INCLUSIVE trip since our honeymoon ... yeah, I came back a few pounds heavier than when I left and the weight wasn't in my suitcase!

 The country of Costa Rica was gorgeous and so diverse.
Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
Rain forests
And the wildlife was a sight to see...
Tropical birds
All of this plus the friendly local people and the new friends we made ... made it a trip of a lifetime!

Please join me at the party today ... I'd like to see photos of what your "lovely" is.


ps. The wild pig I'm petting in the one photo is not dead ... 
she was enjoying belly rubs from all the tourist ; )


  1. What a gorgeous honeymoon that was

    I could take a little of that beach today

  2. Oh my - your photos were meant to inspire, but I am not sure "inspire me to make a holiday plan" was the intention! What absolutely glorious photos! I am with you - not a fan of being in front of the camera. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics with those of us in need of some sunshine!


  3. I have to go! So gorgeous!

  4. How wonderful! Love all your images....and the stories behind them.

  5. Beautiful photos..
    Looks like a wonderful time..

  6. Wow, how pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've not been to Costa Rica but we do like to go sailing every other Thanksgiving. One year we went to British Virgin Islands and the next year to the Bahamas.


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