March 24, 2012

Where have you been?

I've been nesting ...

Nesting with my son's "Green Team" ... a group of children helping to change the earth ... one child at a time.

This year's big project was adopting an Osprey, building a new perch, and installing it.

The installation took place last week in the marshes of Avalon, NJ.

This is the old nest that had to go ... it was standing on one leg.

Scoping out the new location across the bay with dad ...
and then ...
the kids were sent out by boats on a mission, to take down the old nest and put up the new one!

a little exploring on the marsh ...


It's disturbing to see all of the trash, especially PLASTIC that is removed from the old nest.

Dads and teachers carrying in the new nesting platform.

Kids,parents, and teachers together built the nesting platform a few weekends before.

The platform goes up with a giant game of tug-o-war.

Mission accomplished !!

These birds are very territorial ... they will come back this year in search of their {old} nest ... and will hopefully build a new home on their new nesting spot.

We'll make a trip back down later this summer to check on their progress.

I'm so proud of the students! ... and thank the parents and teachers that make the time for such worthwhile projects for our children.

It was a great day of learning and spending time together ... not only with my family, but also with our school family ; )

Wishing you lots of time learning and enjoying the outdoors with your little birds this weekend!



  1. Really cool post! This was a really great project and I would love to see the return trip pictures too!

  2. What an incredible post! I so wish more parents would get their kids involved in positive projects like you have done. LOVED the post!

    Take care,

  3. Now how super cool is that! What a great mom/teacher/blogger/retail queen you are! Loved reading this post. I've always wanted to see the turtles hatch and so to sea, you just reminded me of that, thank you! xoxox-cindy

  4. Fantastic! Thanks to all for helping out! I just watched the film 'Plastic Planet' today on Netflix, and I am not surprised you found some much plastic in the nest.

  5. Neat! Great job everyone! I love seeing these kinds of things happen and including our youth. :)


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