April 9, 2012

I met a girl ...

A fellow creative blogging girl.

Creative is an understatement ... and not only is she crazy creative, she's generous, she's sincere, she's SMART,she's GENUINE and pretty darn cute to boot !! 
Oh and FUNNY this girl had me in stitches the few times I've been in her company ... okay, you've guessed it ... I have a huge crush on her ... I'm not ashamed and I'm certain I'm NOT the only one out here that crushes on Jeanne ; )

One of the things I like best about Jeanne is her willingness to pass along her knowledge.

She is a natural teacher.

I learned this about her during my delightful experience in her classroom, "Creatively Made" e-class.

Jeanne is a wealth of information and the amazing thing is ... she doesn't hold anything back, nothing ... her classes are JAMMED PACK with oodles of ideas,resources,know-how, and inspiration!!

I have just signed on for her latest class:

I have NO DOUBTS it will be the best money I have put towards my business yet.

I mentioned that Jeanne was generous, well I didn't really tell you HOW generous.
You'll have to head on over to her blog for ALL of her gracious generosity ... I'll tell you this, she's having a giveaway that's ending SOON.

Jeanne's giving away 10 spots.
yes, TEN SPOTS!! to her latest class 
plus, a giveaway to everyone that is registered a chance to win a "Begin your business kit" valued at OVER $1,200.00

Like I said, you'll need to visit her for ALL the details to enter.

 here is Jeanne's description of her business course:

"Are you a dreamer?
Do you have ideas, dreams and a beautiful product to go with it? 
Have you been putting off starting your own business?
Do you feel stuck in the online business you have already created?
Do you just need someone to take your hand and walk you through the process?
It is time to take yourself and your dreams seriously.
Let’s start at the beginning.
Join me for a three week journey in building a “Creatively Made Business”.

SOME of the topics we will cover …..
Setting up your business
Social networking
Promoting your business
Pricing and staying competitive
Photographing your product 
Setting yourself apart
Growing your brand
Markets and shows 
Reproducing your work 
Keeping the books
Balancing home and creativity 
I will share my journey
I will talk honestly about what worked and what didn’t.
I will talk about growing pains and when you will know it is time to expand.
I will talk about all the things I wish someone had told me before I started to manufacture my clothing and bags (all the mistakes I made too).
Each week you will hear from other guest business owners and they will share what they wish they would have known and give you their best piece of advice.
You will have access to a Facebook group so you can connect with other business owners (or dreamers) in the class.
Each week we will have a live chat where you can ask questions.
All sessions are recorded and available as videos for you to watch at your convenience.  You will learn at your own pace and around your own schedule.
Growth, dreams and possibilities begin April 16th."

I told ya, sounds good??

I can feel my J.O. crush growing by leaps and bounds !!
{I've even created a pinterest board dedicated to her and her talents ... too creepy? ... who cares ... I HEART this girl, big time!}

See All of you in class,



  1. I have to agree with you, Jeanne is pretty darn amazing! I love her creativity but I also love that she's so down to earth and funny. Sounds like this is going to be a super class!

    Blessings... Polly (p.s. are you going to be at the Spring Na-Da sale?)

  2. Looks like an amazing class!

  3. Beautiful blog full of inspiration! Following you :)


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