August 20, 2012

winding down the summer fun

Hello all my haven't talked to you forever bloggy peeps !!

I miss you ... a lot !
How was your summer?

I know, I know ... it's not over yet ... but what have you been up to?

Riding the waves or sitting on the beach?

Climbing super-sized trees or climbing the walls?

Snorkeling and hanging with friends?

 Having fun with your fur-babies ??

Or having friends over to teach you the art of preparing a homemade cappuccino ?


I had good intentions of posting each week this summer, but as you can see from my photos most of my time has been spent hanging out with the Gypsy Prince. 
Entertaining him {& friends} doing my best to keep him occupied.

... and enjoying every second of it !!

Lots and lots of new updates are planned for the upcoming Fall ... makeovers, shows, announcements, etc.

But for now, I'm going to  soak up the last remaining days of sweet summertime.