May 4, 2014

Bits and Bobs

What a perfect spring day it was yesterday! 
I enjoyed it from inside, looking through my window ... pollen was so thick yesterday it forced me to stay inside. 

No worries, I had a great time putting together some "bits and bobs" collections to sell over on Facebook. I'm testing out a new auction formatted selling page. 

Here's some photos of collections I came up with ...

Neutral in tone ... faded whites mixed with creams, taupe, and tan.

Pretty sea glass colors of turquoise,blue, and green.

... and lastly blush pink coupled with browns and cream.

You can find the auction page HERE, but beware ... there are many pretties to see!

Auctions end tonight, Sunday 5/4 at 9pm CST.

Happy bidding xoxoxo


  1. I love your sweet boxes full of goodies.

    1. Thank you Angela! ... so much fun to play with these goodies :-)
      Warm wishes,

  2. Well, these gorgeous images just WOKE ME UP. Sigh, so beautiful, your collections.

  3. Thank you Rhonda ... I'm glad you are awake now and stopped by for a visit!
    Warm wishes,

  4. I hate that the pollen kept you housebound, but what you came up while confined there is absolutely beautiful. These collections are so inspiring and just lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  5. what a gorgeous job you did with the bits and bobs love the curated boxes


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